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As new desires rise up from my soul,
Not only do I need to let go,
But hold my intention, commit,
And go slow.


Yup, welcome to .... the machine. The screen, the place where you can get what you want with the tap of a finger, pressing return, hitting the link. Let's face it, things are heating up and they are speeding up. The time between most impulses, actions, and responses is diminishing.


Does one desire beget another desire into an endless expansion of need? Does filling every desire lead to fulfillment? Will quantity of experience ever equal quality experience? Doubt it. Not if we look at natural law (Mars in Sag)! While those fast growing mushrooms can be powerful, the night sky, the river sculpted rock face, or the world's oldest tree stand testament to slowly evolving process resulting in masterful expression. We don't even need to get into whether 100 short relationships equal one long one when it comes to satisfaction or "true love."

So this is a good time to feel and look at what new desires are rising up within. Choose the real powerful ones that you think are gonna last, and relax into the process of fulfilling it rather than possibly hitting the Saturn wall of "NO" or "Not."

And if you feel called to do so, help out Venus HERE!



9 thoughts on “March 7, 2018 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Thank you so much Kaypacha! That was 100% spot on with everything that is going on in my life right now and mirrored my thoughts, desires, hopes and dreams for what is to come into being – so much love x 🙂 x

  2. Hi Kaypacha! This is regarding your friend Venus.

    In the native culture, when disease or sickness manifests on the physical body it is due to a spiritual disharmony usually related to emotional pain. This emotional pain can also be a result of ancestral imprints on our DNA.

    What I teach are the ancient Mayan Esoteric traditions of how to go to nature and take a spiritual journey of healing upon the Earth Mother. A place where doorways can be opened between our world and other worlds. In order to walk through the door of this mystical and magical realm, one must learn to walk in the supernatural by taking a journey of spiritual healing & enlightenment. A spiritual process that requires one to enhance the natural senses to a heightened state of intuitive awareness by using daily ancient spiritual practices in order to connect with the Great Spirit.

    I used these practices myself and overcame mortality knocking at my door over six years ago. I live in the desert of the Big Bend of Texas which science has revealed is the “true” four corners of Mother Earth. Our ancient prophecies refer to this as the “belly-button” of Earth – the place where a new humanity will be birthed. The Big Bend is such a majestic place to come for healing.

    The ancient teachings were given to me due to an ancestral birthright and a rite of passage that is earned from taking the journey, therefore, I do not charge to teach these ancient healing techniques, but there would be cost for lodging and etc.

    I am currently working on putting things together in order to teach on a much grander scale, but please forward this to your friend Venus as an alternative option.

    • Greetings Oshawanna White Eagle…
      I am interested in participating in a spiritual journey of healing myself. I feel I am experiencing some ancestral karma that may be holding me back from growing spiritually and I desperately want to find what that is and let it go of that and release what no longer serves me (if it even ever served me in the first place?).
      I went to a weekend workshop in Boulder with Kaypacha, two years ago and he did a short reading of each of our birth charts at the end of the workshop. He revealed that there was some ancestral karma that was affecting my spiritual journey. I have been working towards accepting myself, loving myself, trusting myself, forgiving myself, and others. I know I have made a great deal of progress, but there is something I am not getting past or letting go of.
      If you feel that the experience you are putting together, could be beneficial for me, please send the details to me. Thank you. I am grateful for your time and attention.

      Suzy Patch

  3. (:o ( For yr Irish gipsy friend Venus:This is soo frikken sad & hard to heal, so sorry I can’t help her with donation; prairs only & perhaps yr friend’s offer up here Oshawanna White Eagle ) WOW!! Yay! The Machucca River site !! :o) This is One of The most beautiful Natural Temple fr yr astrological reports, IMHO … Easy come easy go; IMAGO the most spiritual entities on Earth ( with the Birds 😉 ) Butterflies are like flowers who can drive their fly … Yup Saturn say to me :’Slowly but surely as the old saying Rosie/Rosette… Thank you ftbomH… So much Looove xox

  4. Hi Kaypacha, love your insights, been tuning in 6 years, every week!

    You never did show us the back of your T-Shirt..What is Venus quote? The front said – Reclaim Love- ….

  5. Years ago I had “a vision” or a memory of the future. Every part of the vision has manifested except the part concerning love. Perhaps the vision was from a different timeline or elements were transposed – I dont know. Probably that is the case, because the other party, the woman, did not share the vision. The idea this individual was meant to fulfill a part in a cosmic drama has lost none of its power despite her disqulification for the role (love and marriage) year ago.
    Acts of creation, born of love or otherwise, are rare and unpredictable. We can know in advance only that they will occur not the timing or form.
    Thank you for the pele reports.

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