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March 8, 2023 Astrology Forecast

March 8, 2023 Astrology Forecast

Most often a crisis erupts in my life,
When I have veered off track,
And chased an illusion or got so attached,
That my Soul had to bring me back.

Hello Planet Earthians!

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In this week’s Pele report, I extensively spoke about the Mars/Neptune and Jupiter/Chiron connections. In so doing, I also mentioned that Venus was conjunct Jupiter and Chiron and that the “healing crisis” had to do with the heart and relationship. However, astrology can tell us more than that.

First, you want to see where 15 degrees of Aries falls in your natal chart (house and aspects to other planets). These will give you FAR more personal information about where this healing/empowering/feeling energy will be experienced and what other aspects of your psyche/life are involved.

What is common for us all is that it is occurring in the sign of Aries, the Warrior, ruled by Mars, the lower octave of Pluto. This is a masculine, fire cardinal sign that Chiron has been transiting for more than eight years (2018-2026), which is longer than he spends in any other sign. The symbolism here is that collectively we are going through a massive healing of the masculine. Evolutionary astrology tells us that we have been in Patriarchal times for 6500 years, during which our socio-cultural-religious conditioning has been male-dominated, hierarchical, and violent. While the nature of the masculine (in ALL of us) has evolved through this period, there has also been much suppression of the feminine, distortion, perversion, and aggression.

We are now amid the patriarchy ending (a 200-year process at least), and the collective unconscious swamp full of the residual karma of many past lifetimes’ actions reappears amongst us and IN us. Feelings of anger, helplessness, not deserving, primal fear, and primal sexual desires with accompanying shame, guilt, anxiety, and passion are all mixed. Desires for autonomy and the personal right to self-determination (or lack thereof), aggression, and rebellion are all feelings associated with Aries being called up for review, purging, purifying, healing, and releasing what is no longer serving your/our best interests.

This is a lot to deal with and will look and feel differently for different souls with different soul histories. It is vital to go through this healing consciously, realizing the soul intention as one of recovery and resolution with the outcome of growth, evolution, awareness, and enlightened understanding of ourselves and relationships, particularly intimate sexual relationships. It is essential not to get “taken down” or overwhelmed when certain feelings come up but realize they are coming up for healing and release. Don’t give them power or “make the real” by feeding them, but maturely and objectively feel them, view them, learn from them, and release them.

This is the initiation into the “new masculine,” or hero’s journey. It involves going down into the underworld of feelings without “dying” per se, but rather, resurrecting, re-birthing as an empowered, enlightened, wizened soul having undergone trials and faced the inner demons without letting them take control of the psyche. Daring to take the journey is the first step toward greater self-realization.

I will be working deeply with these Chironian themes in my workshop Transmuting our Wounds Into Medicine this May on the island of Edipsos, Greece. To find out more and join me, click here.

Most often a crisis erupts in my life,
When I have veered off track,
And chased an illusion or got so attached,
That my Soul had to bring me back.

Whoa! Are you feeling it?! Big (Jupiter) Heart (Venus) Healing/Crisis (Chiron)! Coupled with Mars square Neptune, Sun approaching Neptune, and Saturn/Mercury all in Pisces, there is almost an open door into other dimensional worlds. If you’re feeling like you’ve entered the twilight zone, you’re right! How long will this mysterious, chaotic, eerie feeling last? Into next week I’m sure, and finishing up with the Equinox.

In the meantime, as I discuss in the report, we have an opportunity to tap into our timeless soul-self, feel some of our deepest feelings, including fears, phobias, wounds, hurts, and more, to bring them up from the Plutonian/Chironian underworld into consciousness to be blessed and released! I say opportunity, but it may not feel, look, or approach you like an “opportunity” so much as a “crisis.”

I’m carrying forward the energy from last week’s Pele Report as we are in kind of a three-week flow of the Infinite impacting the finite. Hence the reading of the Fool tarot card in today’s report. Let’s remember that we are infinite soul beings transiting through this world, not wanting to get stuck, held, trapped, or stifled. Rather, we descend from realms on high, shining light, love, peace, joy, and harmony as we briefly incarnate into the human form before rejoining “All That Is” once more. Beam on!

This week’s song, The Story in Your Eyes.

So Much Love,

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