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March 9, 2022 Astrology Forecast

March 9, 2022 Astrology Forecast

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Like a mother with child preparing for birth,
I don’t know what will happen next.
So I hold sacred space and do all I can,
And let Spirit take care of the rest.

Hola Mothers of a New Paradigm!

While this week’s Pele Report gives an overview of our times, there are always more and deeper levels to be explored. One of those has to do with the nature of Neptune. Where Neptune falls in your birth chart, by transit and progression, shows where you are vulnerable to deception due to innocence, naivete, false assumptions and beliefs, self-delusion, lack of discrimination and discernment, or blind faith (to name a few as there are more). The transiting Sun coming into conjunction with Neptune this weekend will shed light on our illusions and delusions, hopefully bringing us greater self-awareness, maturity, and responsibility.

Fortunately, (and there are no accidents) Venus, Mars, and Saturn all transiting Aquarius, the great awakener, will help us maintain an “observer/witness position” to offset the Wetiko mind virus of Mercury (logical thought), Jupiter (intuition), Sun (self-awareness), and Neptune (Spirit) all moving through the deep realms of the collective unconscious. This represents not only the perpetuation of propaganda, mind control, lies, and deception running rampant and causing absolute chaos for many people but that at least some of these lies will be exposed. This can represent a time when the dragon clearly shows and reveals himself within and without, that we may take his reins, tame him, and benefit from his additional power. Unrecognized, of course, the dragon is capable of causing significant damage. We will see both.

The old adage “Nothing is as it appears” is a good attitude to hold during these next few weeks. The coming events are a sure opportunity to strengthen the muscles of intuition, self-trust, and self-reliance. The more we can tap into, listen to, and follow our inner voice, the more we will be guided toward our highest destiny. When making choices, it will be good to pause and reflect on whether those choices (based upon judgments both conscious and unconscious) are coming from old tapes of external authorities or are your own, inner, soul guidance. You may need to dig deep within your psyche/past, but you will be glad you did.

Like a mother with child preparing for birth,
I don’t know what will happen next.
So I hold sacred space and do all I can,
And let Spirit take care of the rest.

As I mentioned in today’s report, we are in a time of both ending and preparing for a new beginning as symbolized by the Sun’s (along with Mercury, Jupiter, and Neptune) transit through Pisces. Astrology is a reflection of cyclical change and evolution and constantly reminds us that every end leads to a new beginning. 

During this time, what we hold in our hearts and minds is our personal contribution to the new beginning. Releasing, forgiving ourselves and others, and maintaining a sacred, positive state of heart-mind full of hope, faith, and positive visualizations maximizes the possibility of a fortunate and exciting birth!

On the other hand, dwelling upon the past, what could’ve or should’ve happened, what went wrong, or who is to blame not only depletes our energy and lowers our vibration but robs us of the time and energy we can direct toward creating the future we desire. Let’s prepare for the change inwardly first, and spread the love in each moment knowing we are receiving guidance and grace from Spirit worlds beyond our comprehension. 

As an overview of the times we are in, I suggest viewing the Principle for Dealing with the Changing World Order.

To get a better understanding of co-creating an alternative society, check out The Parallel Society vs. Totalitarianism.

Lastly, for practical tips on preparing for world changes, check out the Endgame Series.
*Disclaimer: As I mentioned in the report, this is a new series that just began, so I have not viewed the content. I found the trailer informative and timely and am therefore recommending it for ideas you may use to gain self-sufficiency and peace of mind. This does not mean that I agree with all the views, beliefs, or opinions expressed within the series, but instead hope you will be further empowered to make your own choices by being fully exposed to and able to learn from the information presented.

This week’s song, Let It Be! 

So Much Love,

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