Marci Winters – Astrology Cusps

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10 thoughts on “Marci Winters – Astrology Cusps

  1. Thanks!
    Interesting! I have all houses at 0.00 degrees with ASC at 0.00 in Libra in trine with my Moon at 0.30 degree Gemini. Ceres is at 1 degree Libra, Chiron 28 degree Capricorn, Jupiter and Merkurius at 1 degree Cancer and Black Moon Lilith at 28 degree Libra. Sun 9.30 degree Gemini. So many cusps influence despite not having Sun on one. Thanks again and be well!

    • Now THAT is interesting! ( all the cusps!) what a dynamic… beautiful breezy dynamo! Thank you so much for reaching out, Ivar – will you be joining us in May at the conference in Costa Rica? blessings always~

  2. Marci your spirit and presence of love is so clear. When you speak details I find your voice enfolds a sparkle. Your performance behind a camera reminds me of a singer sometimes straining, but it allows such authenticity to be evident. Please please please more of your voice…. just saying

    And I found this truly opening as my daughter in law, her daughter (my grand), and her mother are all of cusp births. Suddenly their sun signs became clearer. I had alot of omg that is so true of _____ Thank you!

    And as these are beloved women of yet another family culture, which we have been merging together, their legacy of “cuspness” enfolds great hands-on insight. Rainbows of love xMic

    • dear Mic <3 – so you are surrounded by divine cuspness!! wonderful and so nice to hear it resonated…

      i thank you so much for the flattering comment…about more of my voice…. do you mean projection? i had a bit of a sound issue perhaps at beg of video? and have allergies, in the allergy capitol and live music capitol of the world..austin texas:))

      grew up on stage..come from a lineage of artists..and am a visionary- as an aquarian:) astrologer/filmmaker/ and vocalist! yes, a singer- and lyricist (Aquarius sun in third house/Gemini) Pisces Moon in 4th/house/Cancer)…there of course is more to this with Neptune and as far as rhythm, sound …the way I speak, articulate…am multilingual as well…so…whispers and hollers while my brain "downloads" – i believe it may be a kind of intuitive channeling.

      sending so much love your way – will i see you in costa rica? <3

  3. Marci,

    sweet to hear from you… ever so much love,
    what I feel mostly in saying more voice… more of your videos! I have a feeling your visions articulated as they relate to/from/within transits would be delicious, and really helpful. Marci moments offering just a lean this way or that with YOUR insight on any astrological particular.

    Well now hearing of your life / capacities / experience, I get what I am feeling from your presence… that sparkle, and vitality.

    Boy howdy Costa Rica with you and everybody sounds like a divine blast. My life is rich while I am not of much financial cash flow. It is not me saving pennies for rainy day, my penny jar just doesn’t add up. No whining – but that door has not opened for me to participate. But don’t think I have booked anything for those dates, should I get that door to open. Regardless, I know the presence of each other in co-creation as a NPA community will flow back to us all… and in many ways we will all grow from this whether we are present on the beach or not.

  4. Hello again, dear mic 🙂 it is warming my heart to hear you are interested in more of my voice..and i am honoring this ! Our dream team will be offering a video within the next few weeks…and i am going to be part of this and will also be honoring your request in the future, as well! MY PLEASURE! ( On a personal note, this year has been more than challenging… astrologically/karmically and i had to end a relationship with the love of my life and move residences which was a bit traumatic, honestly…soo…that is why my voice has not been as prevalent…i love sharing my gift and you my dear, are why…honored to share more “marci moments”…that is too sweet…) visualizing that “things” turns and financial abundance blesses you so we do share beach time-:) –

  5. Hi Marci!

    Thank you for your insight. I, as an Aquarian-Pisces cusper, feel that you hit the nail on the head. I oftentimes find myself depleted and drained by unconsciously rising to other’s unspoken occasions. I know there must be a balance to be found…and so I keep searching…thank you for the extra clue<3

    • Dearest Jaimee – so nice to hear that you found the info helpful for you …and b t w, completely understand about the unconscious “rising” (my sun/Aquarius/moon Pisces) – i , too, have to remind myself that to say “no” is a healthy answer – as much as “yes”’s just deciding what is alive in me, in that moment. so… fellow-seeking spirit…stay grounded (centered in what your need is in the present) when you feel like you are “see-sawing” – being compassionate to yourself is just as important as offering that to others! so much love!

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