Astrologer Marci Winters speaks about the magical planet Mercury and its retrograde cycle. Reflecting on the wisdom found in Robert Wilkinson's book, A New Look at Mercury Retrograde,  Marci tracks Mercury as it moves through the houses. She shares how all Mercury retrograde cycles do not have to be a time of complete disarray; the cycle can, in fact, be opportunistic!

8 thoughts on “Marci Winters – Mercury Retrograde Cycle in Taurus

    • Dear Carol- thank you so much for your reply! I was on the west coast traveling, and could not access your reply for some reason – sending so much love and light your way! blessings always~

  1. Thank you so much Mari for taking illuminating the positive opportunities with Mercury retrograde. Your sweet video is certainly a reference point to keep on hand.

    • Dear Jutta, thank you so much for your reply- I was traveling and just was able to find your reply to respond. My car and phone have been wiggy yet I am keeping in mind that these retrogrades are doosies…at least Jupiter is turning direct! woo hoo! luv and light and many blessings always!

  2. Dear Marci,
    Gratitudes ! ~ “Cosmic order 🙂 Tout de suite ” ~ this Mercury RX Dissemination/Communication is a lovely quick data bank provided in a trundle of the transit through the houses while you enjoy your cuppa… 🙂 NICE !

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