13 thoughts on “Maurice Fernandez – Jupiter in Libra, Sept 9 2016 to Oct 10, 2017

  1. It is a privelage to learn from you Maurice, and for me this type of sharing is emblazoning my astrological engagements / & practices with precision. Big pacific west coast love xMic

  2. Very interesting views to Jupiter in Libra transit and its involved aspects. Quite excited about this transit and what it will bring, both at personal and collective levels. Must admit I was a bit shocked at the past elections’ patterns of elected Jupiter in Libra’s. And finally, it was great to know about the coming eclipses in these stars. Want to learn more.

    Thank you!

  3. Thanks so much Maurice, I really appreciate how this information was presented. So thankful to have my intuition clarified and validated, as I was guessing about how to best navigate this upcoming chapter of life.

  4. Thank you Maurice,
    I had a question in my mind for a long time, an intuition and I am making The shift in practice in the beginning of September 2016. It could not be more cardinal, isnt it?
    Gratfull for your words.
    Feel my insight clarified.

  5. Thank you for your video. Would like to hear your insight. At the moment your video is blocked in France on copyright grounds because it contains content from (Merlin) PschentMusic. Thought you may want to know. Wishing You A Wonderful Day …. Victoria

  6. Maurice… I’m a “more than” beginner who for some reason is reconsidering a lot since joining NPAstrolgy. Maybe it’s all my natal planets between 1st and 2nd house in Libra… Anyway, interesting is the pattern of Jupiter in Libra you talked about in this video. I feel if any sort of treaties are to be made for the world, or among people who like myself, have left a life long political party, it will be to join a much bigger collective. For example, instead of R’s becoming D’s or vise versa, I think R’s and D’s are leaving for something else, which is right now being defined. May it positively begin.

    And.. I also want to say how I appreciate all the geniuses in astrology. :-^ )

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