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May 11, 2022 Astrology Forecast

May 11, 2022 Astrology Forecast

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Living in harmony with nature,
I instinctively go with the flow.
Winning or losing, coming or going,
It’s just more for me to know.

Hola Nature Lovers!

If there is one thing genuinely coming home to me through this eclipse season and the north node moving through Taurus for a year and one half (January 2022 – July 2023), it’s that Taurus is the true sign of nature, nature lovers, and primal, grounded, Gaia energy! Yes, we have other earth signs and the water signs plugged in there too. Still, Taurus, as the second sign of the natural zodiac following close behind the primal scream of Aries, is the original raw, sensuous, pleasure-seeking, and chill-out archetype of them all. Naturally, it is opposed by Scorpio’s intense, complex, intriguing, and seductive energy. They both complement and/or fight one another to the death!

Hence the intensity of this eclipse season that is happening on these nodes. It is best not to take these wild times too personally but know that there is something we can learn from every experience, if only that there is something we can learn from every experience, LOL! Good to keep our eyes and ears open and awake with a “beginner’s mind” that is curiously asking, “Why this, why that, why me, why now, why not?” Simply questioning the experience leaves the door open for Spirit to answer and helps us evolve through the process. On the other hand, jumping to premature conclusions, judgments, and reactions can have the opposite effect DEvolving the situation and those involved to ever lower levels of understanding and capacity. So let’s take the high road!

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Living in harmony with nature,
I instinctively go with the flow.
Winning or losing, coming or going,
Is just more for me to know.

For simplicity’s sake, I often refer to the 12 signs of the zodiac in terms of 6 different axes. The Aries/Libra axis is the identity/relationship axis, Taurus/Scorpio is the survival/sex/power axis, and square to that is the Leo/Aquarius axis I call the creativity axis. Having Saturn in Aquarius squaring the total, lunar, full Moon eclipse on the Taurus/Scorpio axis is another signature saying that it is time for us to individuate and re-create ourselves and our lives not in the image of anyone else but ourSelf. As structure and form, Saturn in Aquarius is telling us to reform and restructure a new future Self, a new future society, a new future government, and a new future planet. 

These eclipses are telling us that in order to do so, we all need to simplify, connect to our primal, simple selves, become more self-sufficient, and go back to nature. I’m all for it, and I hope you are too. Trust that wild, instinctive, animal self and integrate it rather than suppress it into your Spirit Self. Blessings on your journey! 

The Rolling Stones, You Can’t Always Get What You Want.
The Clash, Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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