Time is the hoe turning the soil,
Piercing the surface to expose what's down under,
And as the farmer plants seeds for food production,
I must weed out my lies and self deception,
That strangle my dreams and instead bring destruction.

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Alright everybody! Maybe you know what I'm talking about! We got a New Moon coming up in Taurus, the Builder, and Taurus wants to build something strong that's gonna last. In the meantime, Mars is opposite Saturn. The challenge here is that Mars in Gemini wants to multitask to get it all done FAST and Saturn, father time, wants to go slow, reflect, teach us something, and stay calm, cool, and careful. In this case, patience, forbearance and perseverance will go a lot farther and be more successful than angry, willful words and actions. There are lessons to be learned in what may seem like a slow motion replay that the universe wants us to see.

The rewards can be substantial for maintaining equilibrium and allowing your ship to come in. Jupiter in Leo is offering us the prize of creative solutions, heart expansion, and love connection if we can just not get stuck in isolationism. Good time to speak what has not been spoken, not with the aim of "winning" so much as the aim of uniting. Make love not war and everybody wins!

11 thoughts on “May 12, 2015 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. hey Kaypacha,
    can you mention the Hathor Tom Kenyon link you talked about?
    Also, this new moon is stationed on Algol, the demon star aka the medusa head. I think things will get pretty nasty for people if they let anger and fear be the guide next two weeks, so the last two lines of the mantra are right in line with that.
    in light

  2. Right on, Tom Kenyon ! One of my favourites and Jim self too. I include acouple of his sound meditations everyday in my morning rituals. His email yesterday was awesome and alot to digest, I suspect his sabbatical was of course related. 🙂
    I~*~ mady

  3. “Words of wisdom inspire and enlighten
    To bring more love magic in to tighten
    The bonds between us as we know
    As above so below”

    Love and light!

  4. I just want to thank you a hundred times for the report(s) It made my headace go away ! And made me cry because it resonated so much in my heatr and maybe in my chart ! 🙂 Whish you all the best for the time to come and I am looking forward to follow your future reports 🙂 Love from Marianne in Norway (sagittarius56)

  5. Your reports soothe, calm and ground me. Gratitude. My friend said you do birth charts, i am interested if you do. Please email or call 305-788-0567. Namaste, aloha, so much love

  6. very beautiful! I’ve been watching you for a long time but I found this one particularly touching. Namaste!

  7. May the heavens keep pouring it’s wisdom upon you then upon all of your followers.
    Insightful every week.

  8. Thank you for the intelligent, creative wisdom that you share each week and the sacred space you hold. It is so needed and so very appreciated. I look forward to your insights each week and look to them when consciously receiving my intuition on how to move forward in my life and my family’s. Your work is a real service to the community… thank you! 🙂

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