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In order to dance I've got to move,
Not fight the flow but feel the groove,
Not get all twisted by the paradox,
But come up smiling like a Jack in the Box.

Just wait until that Sun bursts into Gemini this weekend, and with Venus opposite Jupiter, the sparks are gonna fly! The Venus opposite Jupiter is like Led Zeppelin's "Can't Get Enough of Your Love" (possibly dating myself?). It's like nobody can give us enough right now: love, space, freedom, money, dreams, the list goes on and on! The other challenge with Venus in Aries is that we just may not feel like giving back quite as much as we want to receive haha! Tricky waters for the ol' relationship cruise.

However, as I say in the report, most of us have gotten so much conditioning that we don't deserve diddly anyway, that this can actually help offset some bad patterns of self deprivation. So go ahead and dream, go ahead and dance, go ahead and take a chance. You may wake up with a hangover or an empty wallet but that may be a small price to pay for expanding your definition of what is possible!

7 thoughts on “May 17, 2017 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Thank you Kaypacha, great report & very entertaining as always.
    Please will someone educate me, the ‘Astro-babble’ phrase (what sounded like ‘quin-cungst’), was used a couple of times.
    Does this phrase have a meaning in the day to day English language?
    If so, someone pray enlighten me!
    Thank you.

    • angle between planets…150 degrees..always call for adjustment…2 combine to make yod…finger of God…Virgo or Scorpio flavor. )

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