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May 17, 2023 Astrology Forecast

May 17, 2023 Astrology Forecast

Whether I am in the doldrums,
Or having an absolute blast,
I stay more centered and keep my balance,
By knowing this too shall pass.

Hello New Paradigmers!

Well, Taurus is a revolving door this week. No sooner did Jupiter come in than the Sun and Moon moved out (after the new Moon at 28 degrees 25”). So, while the Sun and Moon have moved on, we’ll still have the focus of energy happening around the Jupiter/Mercury/north node conjunction. The realm of creation/procreation, survival, financial, and material possessions is where some teachings lie for us, and this week, the key is “conscious direction,” as opposed to purely primal gratification.

I recall Dane Rudyhar, the father of Humanistic Astrology, once saying that every species wants to take over the world. The Pluto/Mars life force to not survive but spread, conquer, and dominate is part of our natural makeup. However, it is not the totality. As Spirit/Soul beings, we have the freedom to not simply act on our desires but to control, direct, and compassionately use our animal intuitive nature for the good of all life. This is virtue.

I’m excited to be here in Athens, presenting the workshop Coming Home to Our Innermost Self this weekend. Astrology helps us not only see when different energies are building or subsiding but through our natal birth chart, what our soul history is, what our relationship needs are, and what our future evolution looks like. It’s amazing! After this workshop, I’ll be online for two whole weekends helping you understand COMPOSITE CHARTS. So if you’re in a relationship, want to understand a past relationship, or look before you leap into a new one, this online workshop is for YOU. Check it out HERE!

I need to create an outlet,
For my passion-filled desire,
As I can warm the house or burn it down,
If I don’t control my fire.

What an intensely exciting week lies ahead! I say this with some caution as with this much energy swirling around, things can go amazingly well or amazingly not. It can be likened to “overexposure.” Too much sun can burn you, too much rain can flood you, and sound too loud can make you deaf. In this case, we have a lot of raw, primal energy, which can be super constructive or cause havoc if not consciously directed. Some folks may be overwhelmed with the pace and intensity of life and get physically exhausted/sick. Others may be overwhelmed with emotions ranging from ecstasy to anger but unable to control themselves or stay centered.

I believe the saving grace for this Jupiter/Pluto/Mars T-square happening at zero degrees of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) is both Venus, now in watery Cancer and the Sun moving with the Moon into Gemini, the twins. Venus in Cancer reflects sympathetic understanding, and Gemini brings objective flexibility to our thinking and communication.

In today’s report, I mentioned the opportunity for UNDERstanding to be gained through counterpoint awareness and polarity. There can be major breakthroughs in understanding the “other,” ourselves, and our shadows, PROVIDED WE LISTEN to other’s points of view rather than force ours onto them. This is the difference between power (Pluto) vs. force (Mars). Force seeks its own aims regardless of the effects on others and can cause damage. Power is more conscious and intentional. Use your power wisely!

This week’s song is Light My Fire!
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So Much Love,

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