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May 18, 2022 Astrology Forecast

May 18, 2022 Astrology Forecast

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I am a spiritual being living in an animal body,
This evokes both love and fear.
As I fully accept and embrace this truth,
I can enjoy all the things I hold dear.

Hola Spartans!

Spirit is the great sculptor, whittling away all excess, transforming us from stones to sculptures, sticks to carvings, columns to statues of beauty. Life molds and shapes us, using our own unconscious choices, decisions, and seeming mistakes. Such is the final decan (20-30 degrees) of the last sign of Pisces (the 12th of 12) that Mars and Neptune and soon the Moon (Tuesday) occupy. The great forces of life, so far beyond our control, toss us like bobbers on the ocean according to laws and intentions beyond our ability to grasp.

It behooves us at this time to be still. When fear pushes us into a frenzy, it tells us to hurry as there’s so much to do, don’t be late, don’t make a mistake, don’t stop, or you’ll fall behind and be left. That’s the time to look “fate” in the eye, breathe, relax, and wave her away. We are Spirit. Yes, we have bodies, thoughts, feelings, possessions, and loved ones, but above and beyond, we are united with “All That Is, The One.” Our Spirit shall triumph through Hell and High Water. We got this.

As I speak of in today’s report, so much of our life experience is determined by how we frame it. From what perspective, with what belief, fear, hope, or doubt are we interpreting life’s events? We are the masters of our life because we are the masters of our minds. No one can control or take our thoughts away. With the Sun/Mercury conjunction occurring this weekend, let us remind ourselves to be mindful, hopeful, and consciously frame all that is happening as fortunate for our personal soul development regardless of what the temporary external reality is doing. “This too shall pass,” whereas our consciousness shall not. We are bigger than we know, and life always gives us opportunities to see just how big we are.

I also mentioned in today’s report that I am excited to be doing more astrology than ever in the days, weeks, months, and years to come! This July, I have already shared the “Journey to the Origins of Time” in Turkey and “The Astrology of Relationship” in Greece. However, we have just posted and are accepting registrations for two more workshops up north in Denmark and the Netherlands this August! Please check these out, and if you are interested in learning more about yourself, your soul, life, and astrology, join us! CLICK HERE!

I am a spiritual being living in an animal body,
This evokes both love and fear.
As I fully accept and embrace this truth,
I can enjoy all the things I hold dear.

These days we are shedding our skins like snakes, emerging out of the underworld of Scorpio. We are fields being plowed by the hand of Spirit in preparation for the seeds of a new beginning. Do not despair as what once was is gone, the person, the song, or the dream. Listen to Snatam Kaur’s “Song of Your Heart” below and know that you are your song. This is a time of repeating the mantra “I am enough, I have enough, I know enough, I love enough, life is enough.”

As we stand like Spartans, strong within ourselves, looking through our glass bottom boats and discovering more gems, gold, and beauty inside, we feel better, complete, and alive. That feeling permeates our soul, and our magnetic field lights up, energizes, blazes, and attracts a future worthy of our brilliance. Look not behind but ahead.

Lastly, your health is your greatest wealth. As you come into yourself, your body, hug it, love it, nourish it. Eat only the best foods, drink only the best drinks, stretch it, move it, feel it, enjoy it. Embrace your body as your “humanness” and rejoice in being human, at this time, in this place, despite all madness and chaos, you’re breathing, and life is grand! See you on the other side. 

This week’s first song is John Prine’s Spanish Pipedream.
Secondly, Snatam Kaur’s “Song of Your Heart.”

So Much Love,

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