To bridge the separation,
There is no application,
I must use imagination,
And develop intuition.

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You would think by now I would stop cutting my head off haha! Must be opening that crown chakra too much! Anyway, the meaning of the report this week remains the same: we can pit ourselves against "external authorities" in any shape or form, or we can move to a "higher dimensional frequency" to realize "they" are externalized parts of ourselves mirroring back some important information about the nature of what it means to be human living on planet earth. Now if that doesn't make sense to you, I simply don't know that I can explain it more clearly.

There are many means available for you to personally experience these "higher dimensional frequencies" ranging from natural means like orgasm, meditation, extreme sports, or plant medicine to less natural like alcohol (whether that is higher or lower is questionable I know), chemicals, or other forms of physical, emotional, or mental abuse (altered states not always equaling higher states for sure)! But Pluto opposite Venus wants to take us down into the cellar of our consciousness to discover the deeper meaning of our life experience that Saturn in Sag. is wanting to teach us.

We can resist the call to research and open to the "wholeness" (as in both light and dark), or totality of who and what we are but in the long run will only be cheating ourselves and world as true power of self determination, energy, chi, or kundalini rises from the deep dark root of our being. Let's just face it, suppression leads to a shorter life and self delusion as you fool yourself into thinking you are someone you are not. Injoy!

9 thoughts on “May 19, 2015 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. ahaha perfecto, gotta feel the feels but not without some self-discipline, or else we just turn into a self-indulged youngen or the other way around: a self-absorbed tyranny-saurus 😉 much love kaypacha thank you. holy trinity here we come, potentially, hopefully, gonna try my best.

  2. Loved the comment, “get off your freaking phone and get off Facebook for a minute people”. Thank you for being so real and so right on with your reports.

    Sadly, I live 2 hours away from Montreal, but cannot go, due to obligations beyond my control. I hope it goes really well, Kaypacha.
    Carol T.

  3. Thank you so much again for the report. I loved this one. I felt myself opening up and feeling already. And this weekend I am going to an island a couple of days. Soak up nature, the sea and good companionship. So much love to you Kaypacha!

  4. Kaypacha, many thank you’s from Placerville, CA.! I so appreciate your wisdom and clear understanding of our cosmos. Many blessings and continued success in your adventures!

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