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May 19, 2021
Astrology Forecast

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My reality is a living experience,
Of what I think and believe.
I must reject all that’s not true,
If I’m ever to really be free.

Hola Survivors!

Welcome to the eclipse season! The Sun will be entering Gemini within minutes of this newsletter going out, where he will continue toward the north node of the Moon. After the total lunar eclipse next Wednesday, we will have a solar eclipse on June 10th. This week’s mantra is born out of this Sagittarius/Gemini “thought axis,” as the south node in Sag is stirring up all the old, unconscious beliefs that play a significant role in what we think, say, and end up experiencing. So that, along with Saturn going retrograde, followed by Mercury going retrograde, this month is far more attuned to reflecting inwardly on what we have created, how, and why than instinctively or impulsively initiating new endeavors.

Please, please, take the time to view this Greg Braden 20 minute presentation as it also draws the correlation between our stories and our realities!!! I have to say it is the best presentation I have seen in a long time! Speaking of presentations, I’ll be doing another one today as soon as I’m done writing this! I’m going to discuss the protocol I have been using to heal from Covid-19, which I caught a couple of weeks ago. Since I will be sharing some of my other thoughts and concerns about the world situation, I will only be posting this on my Bitchute channel as they are now shutting down YouTube channels and FB accounts if they deviate too far from what they want you to believe. 

Here’s my Bitchute channel if you haven’t subscribed already. I will post the link to my FB pages and IG if you are interested.  

Besides that, I read today that the EU is demanding proof of vaccination to travel there. This is a real bummer for me as I was hoping to offer some workshops over there this fall! I don’t want to get the experimental liquid they are calling a vaccine, so I can only hope these regulations are eased to continue to share astrology in person rather than strictly in cyberspace. I’ll keep you posted and wish you the best on this journey into the twilight zone called planet earth!

My reality is a living experience,
Of what I think and believe.
I must reject all that’s not true,
If I’m ever to really be free.

Indeed, we are all trying to live our dreams, but sometimes they turn into nightmares. That’s when we know there is more to our reality than our conscious intentions. The south node in Sag (Ketu in Vedic astrology, which has a negative/evil interpretation) brings up from the past all the collective beliefs for us to review, own, or reject as who we are. We are bombarded daily with different views, many with emotional energy tied to them (MOON’S node!). Careful not to succumb!

In these times of important choices, we may find that our beliefs are very different from even our loved ones. Thoughts and beliefs combine with soul impulses and desires, resulting in plans and decisions. When these are in conflict, chaos results, and our external reality reflects that chaos. If you are not experiencing your dream anywhere in your life, look within to see if there are subconscious, leftover beliefs undermining your conscious intentions. Once identified, they lose their grip, and your reality improves.

Here is the link of all links! Gregg starts at 20 minutes and shares for 20 minutes. Prepare to have your mind blown!

And here Ian Anderson, truly a Uranian!
And for something a little more mellow.

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