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Yup!  No sooner do you talk it then ya’ gotta start walkin’ it, eh?  Only the walkin’ takes more than the talkin’.  It’s gotta come out of the imagination into the mind. Then the mind has to kick the emotions into motion and they both gotta work together to get the body moving!  In between all those stages their exists different amounts of resistance ranging from simple inertia to old habits, fears, programs, and phobias... mostly based in the past (this life and previous lives).


This is the evolutionary path!  It’s not just closing our eyes, clenching our fists, and forcing ourselves to follow orders from the super ego. To evolve is to feel the feelings, expand the consciousness with compassionate understanding of ourselves, others, and the human condition.  Then we heal and become healers.  It’s not about reaching the goal, but grasping the “process of becoming,” so we can share, teach, and make it happen for us all together.


Injoy the process!


9 thoughts on “May 23, 2018 – Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Preaching to the core, cosmic cowboy!! On pointy point, omg~grateful for you and yes, thanks for mentioning steiner statue.

  2. Looking super cool in your new hat! Was it an acquisition from your recent travels? Love the look. Also had to look up the Lightning in a Bottle Festival, which I wasn’t familiar with. Sounds like a great time with great people. Thanks for doing the report by the ocean, something I ALWAYS appreciate being a water sign living in a landlocked urban sprawl. Happy Trails and Be Blessed, as you SO deserve!!!!

  3. Rudolf Steiner yes!
    So lucky to see have your wisdom Tom.
    All of what you’ve said reminds me also of Marilyn Monroe poem ~ the one where life pulls her in both directions (a cobweb, shearer than any).

  4. Life –
    I am of both your directions
    Existing more with the cold frost
    Strong as a cobweb in the wind
    Hanging downward the most
    Somehow remaining
    Those beaded rays have the colors
    I’ve seen in paintings – ah life
    they have cheated you…

    thinner than a cobweb’s thread
    sheerer than any-
    but it did attach itself
    and held fast in strong winds
    and sindged by leaping hot fires
    life – of which at singular times
    I am of both your directions –
    somehow I remain hanging downward the most
    as both of your directions pull me.

  5. I really feel my feelings… I’ve learned that if we are willing & able to learn ‘all ways’ from our past this way we can forgive it all ( I use to say to my daughter this is the way to free ourselves) & we can see if we evolve from it by feeling at peace with it by having no need to revenge or feeling vehemence and/or ressentiment regarding the people who acted their part in the Divine Comedia ( Dante Allighierri 😉 Tangerine Dreams have produce and ‘etherical’ mood album on this old story )This is our spiritual work for evolution on both sides if both are available to grow or still alive … I am continually tested … Yup, financial tricks & trap are still pending…( I am not free frm my pers bankruptcy yet) I need to go trough the legalities of Saturn,s way of ruling this business world… But frankly my body say no to a lot of things I want him to do… it’s clear that I have been way to much hard on my body by ignorance andlack of better solution, now it is time to aknowledge that the need fr resting is not only fr when I’ll be dead ( this was my mother oldest saying) ah enough fr now… Thank you from my core 😀 XOX

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