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My deepest true identity,
Is emerging from within,
No longer defined as right or wrong,
Incapable of sin.

OK, now before anybody gets carried away, I am not saying that there is no sin. There are pitfalls all along the way, and the reality of making mistakes, sins, or "errors," is a definite reality. Hence there is karma; a need for forgiveness of self and others, and this mantra is to assist those striving toward the final stages of evolution here on earth.

My hope is that those who tune into this Pele Report can use this mantra as a means of moving beyond "believing" to "knowing." There is an avatar within each of us that Knows, beyond belief, what is true for us, and through a deep meditative, spiritual practice, can nurture this nascent truth of our own individuality. Blessings on your journey to Self!

5 thoughts on “May 24, 2017 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Thank you for sharing nature’s beauty (with also the fallen logs and sticker bushes :))! In one interpretation (there are many!) “sin” means, “Missing the mark, or mis-takes”, an archery term used for when the archer missed the bullseye, it was called, “Sinning”!… Karma simply means, “for every action, there is a reaction”… When we know better, we do better (or, we are provided opportunities to do it differently ALL over again ~ Are we having fun yet? :))! We are All and Nothing, embrace both! Thank you for the report! Namaste…

  2. Kaypacha, your message was a perfect tonic for me, thank you so much for giving and sharing yourself week after week. I depend on your honest, personable delivery of soul messages every week to help me make sense of my internal world. Namaste, Aloha and SO MUCH LOVE for you too!

  3. Hi. Throwing this out there — does anyone knows what it means when a spirit (unidentified) shows up in a selfie? I’ve never had this happen before. Don’t think I was focused on any one person.

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