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May 25, 2022 Astrology Forecast

May 25, 2022 Astrology Forecast

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I can be a victim,
Overwhelmed and wanting out,
Or summon forth my warrior,
And triumph over doubt.

Hola Warriors!

What an interesting time! This week we are closing out the eclipse cycle, which has been three weeks of intense decision making (or having others make the decisions for you) regarding what to take forward in your journey and what to leave behind, AND, even before that’s over, we’re off on a new two year Mars (now conjunct Jupiter!) cycle. It’s like you’re running to catch the boat that’s leaving the dock, and you have one foot on the boat and the other foot is still on the dock. Do you throw your suitcase on the boat and maybe fall in the water or drop it on the dock so you can make it onto the boat? AHHH!

One way or another, it’s time to set sail! And it can be a refreshing sea breeze calling us forward to distant shores and new possibilities. The new Moon in Gemini (which promises to bring in some levity) isn’t until Monday, so this weekend will be like a “going out of business sale.” Finish it up, do the best you can, try not to go AWOL (absent without leave), and get carried out with the tide. Those who are left standing, and of course that means YOU, will be the ones that have contacted, connected, and energized themselves with some Red, Chi, Kundalini, Energy! Summon up the power within and feel the blood surge through your veins, filling you with Spirit, and RISE UP!

This is no flash in the pan. This requires perseverance, discipline, and focus. The saying goes that you may win the battle but lose the war. So choose your actions carefully, don’t waste your time, energy, or resources needlessly on dead-end ventures, and be wise. Trust your instinct, put your energy where it belongs, where it’s meaningful, satisfying, and be satisfied. If it doesn’t feel right or good, don’t do it. Venus slipping into Taurus is our guide. Follow her cue to the promised land, and you won’t need that old suitcase.

I’m pounding away at the keyboard here, making plans, some of which are falling apart, some manifesting—letting go of what “doesn’t want to happen,” not knowing why and not needing to know why, but going with it. Putting the energy into what “does want to happen” allows it to magically come together beyond all odds. Funny days. I can say I’m over the top excited to “Journey to the Origins of Time” in Turkey and go deep into the nature of Relationships in Greece. Following that, I’m up to Denmark for some gong/kundalini yoga and Soul Discovery, followed by “Coming Home to Our Innermost Self” in the Netherlands. I would love to connect with you live there instead of these damn screens, so check it all out HERE!

I can be a victim,
Overwhelmed and wanting out,
Or summon forth my warrior,
And triumph over doubt.

So that’s it! The warrior goes forth regardless of the fear of death, loss, and the fear of failure. The pilot doing the nosedive, the lover expressing their love, the mother giving birth. All these involve not denying our fear, not ignoring our fear, not pretending or suppressing our fear, but carrying our fear right with us on our journey forward!

Mars has a Moon, Phobia, constantly orbiting the red planet. Our fear is always there. Some fear is healthy in that it keeps us alive. Fear is rooted in the ego’s fear of death as it is the ego’s job to keep our body alive so we can evolve through this 3D physical time/space reality. It gives us adrenaline shots to keep us present, alert, strong, and ready. It’s only when it becomes the dominating factor in our decision-making that it goes beyond its usefulness and turns negative. So we have to walk the line.

In some ways, fear is the opposite of love. The line is that middle ground between the two, between self-preservation and connection, isolation and co-dependence, between too many boundaries and no boundaries. Once again, we end up coming back to the wise words of Buddha: “All things in moderation.” May you walk the line with beauty, grace, and style!

This week’s pick? All Along the Watchtower!

So Much Love,

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