It's never very easy,
To close the book of dreams,
But if I connect my head to my heart,
It's not as bad as it seems.

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With the astrological aspects this week, we can channel the highest energies and info from other worlds and/or get lost and confused and have a hard time distinguishing what is real versus our self (and others illusions). It can be downright confusing trying to get to the bottom of just what is going on!

It is not a good time to be making big decisions, signing contracts, or getting diagnoses and the energies are quite chaotic. It is a good time to retreat, chant, dance, meditate and connect without highest aspirations. Time to use and develop our extrasensory perception to see, know, feel, and understand what our limited ego is unable to grasp. This energy will be passing by next week so stay calm, cool and collected allowing/trusting Spirit processes beyond your control. Namaste!

9 thoughts on “May 26, 2015 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. So right on. Just returned from a silent retreat with Mooji and the message you both gave are essentially the same. Love how the Truth prevails no matter who we are or where we are in the world. So much Love!

  2. Thank you brother for my Birthday report this week! I love being a Gemini and connecting my mind with my heart! I am a bird lady and enjoyed watching and listening for the birds in the video too. So much as changed in my life since the workshop at Peaceful Pines and I am grateful for your teachings and new awareness that has blessed my path. Safe travels on your journey and lots of love! ~Patience

  3. Well, how about that! Here I am in Montreal, wondering where you were filming… and you announce you’re in Montreal. Coool. 😀 You’re certainly a unique dude, with the most unique forecasts. Also enjoyed the cameo vocals from the red-winged blackbirds… Merci!

  4. Kaypacha’s workshop in Montreal on the 26th was life changing. If anyone ever gets to learn from him in person do so. Seeing how Venus and Mars work in a chart is mind altering. I came home and joined the community for the year!

  5. I love that you gave the Pele Report on my b’day. 🙂 Yes, I’m a Gemini through and through and constantly on brain and info. overload, especially this month. Then add to the mix that I’m a freelance copywriter working on a ton of “brain heavy, left brain” projects right now. Monkey mind is an understatement. My yoga, walking and meditation brings me back to my heart and keeps me grounded. I also have lots of water in my chart so that also keeps me balanced and connected to my heart. Thanks so much — great report! Hope you had fun in Montreal and stay safe as you travel! Namaste, Therese 🙂

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  7. What you’re in Montreal? Was coming to read the mantra and your comments of last week (cannot listen tonight) Whenever you come in Montreal, can you inform …more widely, I will say the same as Nikki : Are you still in Montreal?…this week-end?…please in case …write it down… I had not seen this planned in your agenda …and was hoping to be able to assist one of your workshops…one day… in the future … don’t know where …
    To close or not to close, that is the question. I believe that dream and reality may be synchronized in the same level and dimension. Everything can show up out of dream.
    Thank you for your carefulness, your beautiful energy, for all your Pele Reports, for the choice you have made in your life to be able to be the authentic spirit that you are. Will listen to this new Pele report tomorrow.

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