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May 26, 2021
Astrology Forecast

May 26, 2021
Astrology Forecast

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The importance of a spiritual life,
Cannot be stressed enough,
If I want to live and die in peace,
It will come by sharing my love.

Message From the Lunar Eclipse
by Kaypacha

Life is a song
That plays through our hearts
Forever beating, forever bleeding
The blood that runs
Through our veins
Carries the tune through the pouring rain.

The stillness that lies within
Sees all that is buried, and when
When you are ready
Dusty, dirty, and weary
You let your self go
And you sail away
On new found wings
To another day.

For you are a string
Played upon by spring
The harmony of life
That forever sings.

You are the words
Your life is the tune
Struggle and Strife
Bring forth your ruin
Listen within
To the song of the wind
Feel the beat
Through your feet
They don’t hold you down
They move you around.

Let every motion
Feel the notion
Of the stream that exists
Going through all that is
In every moment
Unending Bliss.

For the invisible light
That guides your life
Is never disturbed
By thought or Word
But flows on day and night
Making it all right
There’s nothing wrong
It’s all in the song.

For no deed or action
That causes a reaction
Is one that is heard
By the ever present word
The word is the song
And there is nothing wrong.

So when you feel lost
Afraid of the cost
Know that the lull
Is nothing but dull
But the mere preparation
For future elation
And listen and learn
For now it’s your turn.

To add to the light
To add to the song
You cannot do wrong
But when you long
For another day
Or a different way
Know you are right
And shine your light.

To the heart within
To the song without
Create one word
And put it out
Sing yourself to the world
And you will be hurled
To the far galaxy
Where out of the debris
A new star forms
And not for long
Shines as the sun
Then fades and runs
Out of itself to another end
Only to serve
And begin again.

The song is your heart
It’s where you start
The words come and go
For only you know
The next line is yours
The sea on the shores
Of your mind.

So lighten your load
Let go of the road
You’ve been told is the way
And find a day
To sit with your song
And hum along
‘Til the words find their way
Up from the depths
Through the pain and the sweat
Weaving through sorrow
Until tomorrow
You will see why
You had to die
To see life begin.

Out of the Sin
The waste of your life
Gives birth to the right
To sing your own song
While all along
You’re nothing you weren’t
But now you’re burnt
By the fires of creation
That seek to learn
Something new from your life
Your sorrow and strife
To make the next day
In a different way.

So know as you feel
As you cry and reel
From the blows of life
That everything’s right
And the song will go on
Without question beyond
What you know to be true
Cuz there’s more to you
Than you can imagine.

The importance of a spiritual life,
Cannot be stressed enough, 
If I want to live and die in peace, 
It will come by sharing my love.

Happy Lunar Eclipse! I hope you navigate the powerful emotional waves brought on with the Moon conjunct her own south node. First, I would like to say that it’s OK to be afraid! This is a highly emotional time where memories, dreams, and reflections will bring up past (possibly traumas) for conscious review. Let them rise and let them go. If you are not afraid, you may want to look at what you might be repressing, avoiding, denying, or simply out of touch with within your own inner child.

Secondly, when I speak of love in this report, I want to be clear that there are different kinds of love, and I am speaking primarily of “noble love.” There is even materialistic love that can bind/attach us to things of this world and cause us problems when crossing the threshold. Here is a quote from Rudolf Steiner’s book (link at the bottom):

“Love becomes something noble, on the other hand, if human beings can rise up into the higher worlds and love what they have mastered through spiritual concepts. Let us not forget, love is something that is base if it acts within a lower sphere and something noble, lofty and spiritual if it acts within a higher or spiritual sphere. That is the essence of what matters. If we do not become conscious of this, then we will not understand things in the right way.” (1)

First song pick of the day, Tom Jones – Without Love.
Second song pick of the day is Neil Young – Don’t Let It Bring You Down.
Today’s book reference, The Electronic Doppelgänger.

1. Steiner, Rudolf. The Electronic Doppelganger (p. 32). Rudolf Steiner Press.

So Much Love,


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