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When I am blocked and don't get my way,
Life is helping me see what I want.
Rather than feeling victimized,
I can grow up and lovingly confront.


You may just be feeling like a bottle of champagne that has been corked for some time and has just been popped. How much you have been shaken will probably determine how much of a splash you are going to make! Yup, we've been "in retrograde" for awhile now, blocked in order to deepen, and it's time for some forward motion. We have been facing some challenges in order to open those deeper recesses of our soul, and now we face a different set of challenges in fully expressing all those new found Self definitions in our relationships with the outer world.

While the tendency may be to "explode" and radically alter our life direction/situation, the way of the heart would be to listen, be gentle yet direct, and share our new found truths as lovingly as possible. Both will accomplish the end of greater liberation and self expression, but one will traumatize while the other assist others in our lives to support or combat our greater self expression. As Santana once told me "Be gentle with each other." Love that guy!

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13 thoughts on “May 3, 2017 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. I always LOVE ❀️ listening to the Pele report Kaypacha.
    Thank you so much for your weekly guidance & interpretations.
    It would have been even sweeter listening still without the chain saws buzzing in the background though!
    All the best.
    Andy Baker.

  2. Thanks for the report, I feel thankful & there is much to learn. Also thanks for the link to the ebook for lilith & eris.

  3. Ah ! Dear Kaypatcha ! Thankyou for all your positive gifts of understanding gold . You really hit the nail on the head sometimes , my life has been a piece of theatre composed on exactly your descriptions , it’s kind of funny if it wasn’t so near the knuckle !
    Please use my subscription to NPC to buy yourself a freaking new camera , I mean you have got over 1000 peeps listening to you and subscribing let alone the people who just listen in ! I really feel for you having to try and pick up that thread. Get that shit together man ! If I wasn’t the other side of the world I would come round and film it for you, but that would put you off I know. Keep on keeping on , you are such a great help. Thankyou.

  4. Kaypatcha you are awesome! I love your weekly reports. They keep me feeling sane and grounded. It is so helpful to know that what I am feeling is related to universal energy shifts and planetary activity. Many thanks to you for your wisdom, weekly postings and dedication to helping elevate all of our frequencies! What a generous gift!

  5. Every time I listen to your report it makes me realize I’m not going crazy – and we are all so connected to our planetary/cosmic brothers and sisters. I am so grateful to you for putting this report out every week. I look forward to it every Thursday. Keep up the amazing work!

  6. Shadow energy is trickster energy where it makes us think this is truth and is ok to act through it-but in reality shadow energy is 3rd Dimensional and needs to be acknowledged by our loving self and released. Trickster energy likes to make us feel like we are a victim so we live behind the veil of our illusion. If not released we are stuck in 3D and unable to develop our consciousness to a higher state of awareness and be able to freely live in our truth as Soul beings.

    Great report!

    Missed some weeks in my Chiron piscean adrenal fatigue winter… So good to feel and hear here, with Lilith, and Saturn, NVC confrontations with self and empowerment post trauma… No victim hood, just acknowledgment… Yes you did discuss polarity, brilliant touch in, btw!!
    Blessed be,

  8. I think you did mention the paradox: we’re all go in the first three houses and the there is the reflection of Saturn and Lilith in Sag opposite Mars in Gemini confounded by Neptune swimming around in Pisces at a square to Lilith and Mars ? Have to say that with sun, Venus, Saturn and Chiron in Pisces, I don’t like swimming around in squares ! But hey ! More reflections on flat surfaces, luckily learnt not to take it all personally anymore ! Interesting times for sure.

  9. Very good and interesting. I’ll be in on that camera to when things have sorted a bit more out! Thanks.

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