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It's time to take charge,
And spread the word,
That only together,
Can we birth a new world.


Yes!  Take the weekend off!  Finally!  It's time to relax, maybe stay home or have some friends over, enjoy some company, and flow into the waters of feeling.  The grand trine happening this weekend with Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune in the water signs portends a period of rejuvenation, connection, and coming together.  A time to drop out of the busyness outside and drop into the love inside.
It's been pretty full on and full steam, with rapid fire changes, surprises, and excitement.  Like taking a big breath, putting the head down and facing the winds of change.  Let's all take a big exhale, release, and remember our humanness, our natural state of stillness, and allow our memories, our past, and our dreams to bubble up of their own accord.  From this state of simply being we will return to outside world with new vitality, visions, and friends to make the world a more human, loving place.


So Much Love,


3 thoughts on “May 30, 2018 – Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. That was spot on. Totally get this and very heartened to see community and togetherness on the rise again. Thanks for making me laugh when I was feeling a dark shadow.

  2. Hi there, wow… I’am happy you made it trough this festival; you look a bit older after then B4 it lol … 😀 Sure I remember it all … 😛 In this report, You make me remember of ( besides of all the feelings …) the only 3 little booklets available from R Steiner in the ‘biggest’ public library I had access too ,about 20 y ago, was transcripts of 3 lectures he gave ( around 1916) on the specificity of US humanbeeings titled Parler/ Talk, Rire/ Laughing, Pleurer/Cry ; I feel very much aligned with his observations too; So You and I would mostprobably add sing, dance and tlc tender loving care, touch presence in person… Tim made another very powerful video about the wisdom of Emotion; I feel soooo much resonance with him and his sharing wouah!! So I feel it,s appropriate to share it here too :

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