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To determine whether I'm selfish,
Or simply honoring my needs,
I can look to the heart of the other,
And see the effects of my deeds.


05.04.2016We've got the new Moon coming in Taurus Friday, and as I mention in this video, Taurus is about self-sufficiency and self-love. Now, we are collectively emerging out of 1000's of years of external authority telling us what we are worth, mostly negatively, to maintain control over us. So in general, we are all recovering our self esteem and this is a GREAT time to do it! A lot can be accomplished and be getting done these days..... good job!

On the other side, other aspects point out that there is a "higher" purpose to all of our accomplishments that serve others needs, heal, and lift the world! As adults we need to learn when we have enough, are enough, and have taken enough and that it is all about giving, sharing, and loving as we all ascend together. This is the "eternal battle between swords and torches," using Spirit light to know when to say "No thank you, I have enough." This validates an inner feeling of abundance not based on outside sources but inward Spirit nourishment..... wow.......

9 thoughts on “May 4, 2016 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. I love you and your pele reports – thank you Kaypacha – been listening for couple of years now xxx
    much gratitude x

  2. Thanks Kaypacha, that was awesome, confirmation yet a different explanantion of the information I am getting at the moment….love these Pele Reports.

  3. This report accurately describes the powerful and intense shift that happened this week in Canada when the unthinkable just happened: our oil producing city Fort MacMurray has just been evacuated (80,000 people!!) and that industry, economy, livelihood has been irrevocably altered… by Mother Nature herself- by the torch of fire. All the people who could once boast about their wealth, power, and material prosperity (at the expense of the planet or others) are now the refugees dependent on the kindness and resources of strangers and government. There was no time to prepare and this has shifted everyone to the heart chakra as you said. A new paradigm HAS to come from this. Thank you for your continued insights!! Namaste from Canada ♡☆

    • Go Christina GO!
      … Are you an ALBERTA ROSE or What! 🙂
      Yes and What is so fascinating is not only the Rage of the Fire, but even in being displaced they are all now NOMADs because the safety of any emergency shelter has been taken by her Fury too !

  4. Yahoo!! We can do this! music to my ears with Jupiter in Aquarius and Moon……….A LONGGGGGGGGGGG time comin!!

  5. Right ON ~ Brother Kaypacha !

    Knowing unity consciousness can be revelatory !
    It is honouring ALL friendships as the WE Unity Heart within Gaia’s.

    The Frequency of Words relating to our collective held consciousness.
    Why all thoughts, intentions, words, and vibrations really ‘Matter’.
    That the Power of single thought can begin to change the world.

    I was given a paper dated from January 2016, recently from a dear friend on the scientific instrument that has been collecting & measuring our collective consciousness on Gaia for many, many years.

    (Funny, January, is when I chucked up a big Fur ball comment.) 🙂
    Anyhow up until January we we’re measurable, it relates to high frequency words etc.
    Which means cleverly marked, it can be used to CHANGE or SHAPE , ASLEEP CONSCIOUSNESS,
    but NOW for the first time in 66 years, the probabilities are off the charts UNlimited, EITHER WAY!

    So how awake and what you truly believe, is POWER and
    can help UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS rise above it’s PAST into WHOLENESS.
    Okay it’s redundant quoting myself, JOY is contagious for EARTH and your LOVE, INTENT and ACTIONS make a difference to our held evolution. 🙂

    May we all empower our deep connection to all that is, from our collective beautiful little blue Aqueous Gaia, as we know her now. Visualize what you wish her and WE to become.

    Infinite Smiles ~ In Lak’ech
    Humble Love from all that is ~ Tears & laughter.

    • Thank you Mady, through my tears and laughter at the tragedies and beauty happening everywhere, all the time. Thanks for sending out the good vibes, I appreciated it. We all do need unity and compassion and it DOES all make a difference when we give our best selves and thoughts to the world. Namaste ♡☆

  6. Aloha,In February this year in Mother Cave on Big Island Hawaii,Ancestors,prepared for rebirth of Mother Gaia an Sophia was called,Thank you Kaypacha,have listened to your reports for many years,We are all One in Heart felt Love,yes Unity consciousness,Dolphins Whales,shifted their streams of energy,May each lifestream prepare its Soul purpose to share the Light and Love as Grace Compassion and Love holds up the Liberty Torch,and we sing the knew design of Golden Aquarius Light.We are One In Lakech,Mahalo nui .

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