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May 4, 2022 Astrology Forecast

May 4, 2022 Astrology Forecast

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Life is full of surprises,
Some feel good and some make me mad.
Knowing all life is supporting my process,
It will all make sense looking back.

Hola Earthians!

Feel that earth beneath your feet? Feel it movin’? Shakin’? Uranus in Taurus is no joke, and he comes around to line up with the Sun and Moon. Look out! Such are these times of change. One approach that can help us sleep at night is that “nothing is as it appears.” There’s always layer upon layer upon layer of “realities.” Something we view now as a loss may open the door to other possibilities we were too occupied to notice or take advantage of. Likewise, “gain” is as much a possible distraction/occupation as “loss.” I recall an old guru of mine referring to the sixth chakra as seeing the illusion of “loss and gain.” Give it a try!

Let’s note that we started this eclipse season with a partial, north node solar eclipse. The solar eclipse is a time for planting seeds (or visualizations, as I speak of in the Pele Report) to mature into reality over the next six months (the next eclipse). The solar eclipse is even more than a super new Moon and can be seen as Father Sun impregnating Mother Moon with a new potential that grows within her to fruition at the full Moon and is then released to the world.

The upcoming full Moon TOTAL lunar eclipse will be on her south node in Scorpio. In many ways, the energy will be building from now until that full Moon, and it will be released with a BANG as the seed impregnated at the solar eclipse has Uranian energy in it. We can expect some very wild revelations and unveilings, and some may not be pleasant. After three years of maintenance, I see they have fired up the particle accelerator, and I don’t see that as the best manifestation of enlightened Uranian potential. Unbelievable how materialistic science has so warped the mind of humanity as to blind so many to the light.

In our own lives, close to our hearts and homes, we still have the innate capacity to be beacons of light and hope and healing in a world more desperately needing it daily. May you use all your gifts and may they multiply themselves in and through you that we may become channels of truth, beauty, and love. I hope to see you soon.

Which reminds me, we’ve got a workshop in Denmark and a workshop in the Netherlands just about ready to post! Super excited about that, along with Turkey and Greece! Let’s get together and, in a circle, create pillars of light like acupuncture needles for Gaia, so she stays strong through all this abuse. Keep shining, praying, hoping, and meditating, and have a fabulous day!

Life is full of surprises,
Some feel good and some make me mad.
Knowing all life is supporting my process,
It will all make sense looking back.

Whew, I need to adjust here. As I was uploading Pele, a huge toucan came, knocked a nest with three baby birds in it off my patio roof, killed the babies, and flew away with one in his mouth! Death before my very eyes! The end of innocence. 7-8 birds tried to stop him with momma bird, but he wouldn’t be stopped. My vision of the “Fruit Loops” beautiful, harmless toucan is shattered. Wow. Sudden, shocking, traumatic events is right!

It reminds me of just how merciless the soul/life can be. Knowing that we have multiple lives with multiple bodies, the soul can mess with/dispense with just about everything/anything, and it does! So learning non-attachment is not only a path toward enlightenment, but it would seem it is also an excellent survival mechanism!

This makes loving with an open heart even that much more of a challenge now, doesn’t it? Knowing that the object of your love can be gone, destroyed, and brutally taken at any moment makes it both challenging and necessary to love with all our might every moment. May you find the courage to fully love knowing the risk involved!

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After turning off the camera, this song came to me as the south node in Scorpio… Ya’ gotta see the end!
Simon and Garfunkel’s “I Am a Rock”

So Much Love,

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