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May 5, 2021
Astrology Forecast

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The more I truly love myself,
Exactly as I am,
The more I heal my deepest wounds,
And become a medicine man.

Hola May Queens and Kings!

It occurs to me that if we look at the zodiac as breath, that Pisces/Aries would be the end of the exhale and the empty lungs and that Taurus would be the beginning of inhaling, drawing in, drawing it up, and continuing to expand inwardly through Gemini, onto Virgo. By Virgo, we’d be all full, and in Libra, through Pisces, we’d exhale all that we have gathered within and send it out to our loved ones, community, and cosmos!

In this week’s Pele Report, I discuss this Taurus time (Beltane) in greater detail and throw some of the other aspects into the picture. Like Venus square Jupiter, Mars squaring Chiron, Lilith conjuncting Uranus and the Sun, and the Yod with Mercury conjunct the north node as its resolution point (Sabian Symbol for that degree). Now is the time for digging deep down within for the unique gold that we each bring to the table of Life. It involves pulling back from external sources of belief, meaning, and purpose in order to shape our own. Can be scary, eh? Thank goodness we have the stars to guide us and our dreams to lead us on. You can do this!

I’m returning to Costa Rica this week after a long sojourn through the Southwest USA and getting in some missed family time. As soon as I hit the ground, I’ll be prepping for the workshop “The Saturnian Reality of Creating a New Uranian Paradigm!” It starts the following Sunday, the 16th. That’s coming up fast! Woohoo! There are still a few spots open if you are a last-minute runner. Check it out HERE!

This Sunday, I will be doing a live presentation for the New Paradigm Astrology Community, where I will be sharing my personal beliefs regarding everything virus and world-related. After presenting, I’ll be taking questions on anything and everything. If you’re not a community member, check out all the benefits here and join me! Thanks!

The more I truly love myself,
Exactly as I am,
The more I heal my deepest wounds,
And become a medicine man.

Or “medicine person,” to be clear, it just doesn’t rhyme as well. Anyway, the point is that the more we accept where we are, the more inner strength and courage we have to become. And the more we take the hero/heroine’s journey inward to “virgin fields of consciousness,” the more wisdom and medicine we have to contribute to the community. This journey into self may involve breaking away, letting others down, not living up to expectations, being criticized, judged, and maybe even condemned. Self-love and the dream of a brighter future full of love are the fuel to assist us, as Charioteers, to set off on that journey.

Lilith, now conjunct the Sun and Uranus at this “Beltane point,” is there to assist us in facing that which we have repressed to meet the expectations of others. Suppression leads to distortion and anger, so we may initially (at least) bump into some of that! Anger can also be fuel to help us make the change and dissipate as that which has been suppressed is no longer. That leads me right into the first song of this week: We Gotta Get Outta This Place.

After breaking out, we go within: I Am. Then, after discovering our gold/medicine, we return and Lay It All Down!

For all this to happen, we need to take care of our Taurus/physical body and Gaia, our Mother Earth. Here’s an interesting clip by Dr. Zach Bush pointing that out!

So Much Love,

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  1. Tara May 9, 2021 at 12:13 pm - Reply

    Thanks again Kayapacha.
    Oh such a beautiful background for an astrological reading. All is well in the world!
    Oh and I love Melanie. Ring around the Moon is a favourite, so lovely you have ignited her singing spark into the week.
    So much love

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