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When dealing with forces beyond my control,
I must summon my strength from within,
And like a tall tree with roots that run deep,
Stand strong and move with the wind.


Jupiter in Scorpio reveals 2018 as a year of BIG feelings triggered by loss, endings, conflict, and unions that result in deep transformation.  We will be seeing more of this.  Let's keep in mind that intensity is a tool of the soul to assist us in accessing our deepest fears and emotions AND showing us our deepest values and truth. Through the trials and tribulations of these times (and those approaching) may we feel deeply and love intensely.


The temperature is going to be rising around here, so let's try not to get too carried away with these winds of change, but rather use them to see ourselves and share ourselves more fully, wholly, and completely.
May the force be with you!!




6 thoughts on “May 9, 2018 – Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Love this! Kaypacha! You’ve been bringing the truth and fun to me for many years least 6. It’s such nice medicine, learning about the heavens and taking the cosmos pulse. Then you go and grab a boat haha love it. Makes me want to go get a boat in it’s inspiring! The nature, the peace. Atma Namaste Kaypacha, thank you, great respect to you and so so much love to you!!🤩💫

  2. Well……my 8th house Taurus Moon in exact square to natal Mercury feels/thinks so validated by the ‘flow’ with wind instead of a rigidity. But…..this will only function IF authentic Grounding is occurring. ‘Breathe & Ground……Breathe & Ground’

  3. 😀 Ilmao I really enjoyed that moment… where you slowly ended the mantra while I could see yr doubdt rising to your conscience about standing against the wind ( grounded firmly /rooted deeply) facing the winds of change … Yes like the bamboo tree … this always tests US to make us integrate the strenght of the patience & flexibility or if not, then desintegrate this flesh body untill next time…( because without roots there is no big chance of life expectancy ) Ty frm t b o m <3 xox

  4. Thank you for ALL, for everything you do!

    This mantra reminded me of a Jack Pine tree. Strong roots and grows with the wind.


  5. Although I love to watch your goofy self and enjoy the Midwest twang, I really miss the written transcripts. Are you done with these?

  6. Wouah !! Mercury conjunct Uranus on Sunday … I had a very remarkable & unforgetable exemple / experience ; My Virgo ‘sun’ paid me a visit … Ouh… well long/deep story short… He will be father soon… ( a new born baby as a Scorpio/Sag cusp perhaps another ‘old soul/ life experiencer’ expected on the horizon 🙂 ) I am very moved by this annoucement; today I regain balance over the tumultuous meeting I had because I feel as much gratefull as perplexed… Take care, much Love to you xox

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