With Miguel Angel Vergara & Kaypacha

The story of Atlantis carries with it a warning of how the misuse of power can lead to total destruction. At the same time, through the Maya teachings of Lord Itzamna, it contains a blueprint showing the path to bring Humankind and Mother Earth back into balance, leading us into a new golden age of peace and harmony.

Before the continent of Atlantis sank, Master Teachers were sent out to many parts of the world including Egypt, Peru, North America, and Yucatan, to preserve their great technical and spiritual knowledge for future generations. Lord Itzamna brought the Atlantis wisdom to the Yucatan where the Maya took care to keep it safe for the time when it would be needed again. That time is now.

“We are now just beginning the 2000-year Age of Aquarius.  Aquarius is the sign of technology, science (including astrology), collective consciousness, liberation, the future, and has long been associated with Atlantis.  In addition, the United States has also been referred to as Atlantis II and it is approaching its first Pluto return in 2019.  As such, we are all witnessing both the positive, light effects of Aquarius and its shadow side. 

The shadow of Aquarius/technology is the lack of human warmth and love, tending more toward cold, distant intelligence, instant gratification, and the misuse of power.  We can see people becoming more and more addicted to “the screen,” losing patience, natural rhythm, and intimate human relationships.  We are in danger of losing our understanding and appreciation of the Sacred. 

The very dangers that brought the end of Atlantis are re-emerging with greater force every day. This journey in the amazing energy of the Ancient Maya could turn things around for you, help you see your part in moving towards the positive, light effects of Aquarius, and help steer us away from its shadow side.”
Kaypacha, New Paradigm Astrology

Honoring the Maya concept of “no time, no space” this journey takes you to the ancient civilization of Atlantis and back to the present. As you follow in the footsteps of Lord Itzamna through the Maya sacred temples, Miguel Angel will guide your path with ceremonies, meditations, and practices to awaken your Atlantis memories and allow you to release them. Kaypacha, through Astrology readings, teachings, practices, and yoga will guide you in finding the path leading you into the future era of peace and harmony.

Special Feature

Witness the descent of KuKuulKaan, the Feathered Serpent, on the famous pyramid at Chichen Itza at the Spring Equinox. There is also a full moon that night and the energy of this special site promises to be extremely powerful.

Kaypacha and Miguel Angel invite you to join them on a Maya journey that takes you back to Atlantis to discover the role this lost civilization plays in your life today.