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New Moon 09º Gemini May 30, 2022


〰️ Big Exhale 〰️

Let us welcome the New Moon in Gemini with open hearts, singing, and dancing! It is the beginning of a new monthly lunar cycle, and all new beginnings set the tone for the cycle. Let’s be conscious of our “state of being” on this day, Monday in Europe and the US, and Sunday in Australia, to start the month right. Let’s also keep in mind that this is one cycle within a larger cycle within a larger cycle within a larger cycle ad infinitum!

Last month’s eclipses were a stark reminder that we are in a year and one-half cycle of the dragon nodes moving through the Taurus/Scorpio axis, stripping away perhaps cherished connections while seeding new ones (active from January 2022 to July 2023).

That occurring within the larger cycle of Saturn moving through Aquarius restructuring our entire social fabric and future outlook (active from March 2020 to March of 2023). That occurring within the larger cycle of Uranus, radically awakening us to the planetary environmental/financial/survival crisis and the need for us to invent new ways personally and collectively to physically survive and thrive (active from May 2018 to July 2025).

That occurring within the larger cycle of the beginning of the 2000-year Age of Aquarius (transition taking from 1950 – 2050 minimum). That occurring within the larger 6500-year cycle of Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto, heralding the end of the patriarchy and the birth of a new understanding of what it means to be human (say from 1750 – 2250).

That occurring within the larger 24,000-year cycle of the end of Kali Yuga and beginning of Dwapara Yuga (timing in dispute)!

While volumes can be written regarding each of these cycles individually, the point is that there are many factors contributing to our current state of affairs. If we attempt to comprehend it all with our limited, egoic minds, we will submerge ourselves in the collective consciousness and feel overwhelmed and powerless. It is not meant to be grasped with our intellect. The idea of these monthly lunar reports (and the weekly Pele Report) is to break down the “cake” into digestible bite-size pieces. Whether you are making love or war, you still have to breathe. We can see this month as a big exhale. Let it out!

The feminine (earth/water) signs inhale and are exhaled through the masculine (fire/air) signs. This last month of the Taurus/Scorpio axis has been a big inhale. Did you feel it? Maybe with a bit of foreboding, surprise, or even shock as in “HUH?!” A lot has been coming at us that has needed to be inwardly digested and integrated, and this next month will entail stepping up and stepping out with the newfound clarity of self and purpose. This is not only reflected in the Sabian symbol for the new Moon (An airplane performing a nose dive) but in all the planetary positions and constellations occurring throughout the month.

While Jessica lays out the weekly lunar energies, along with the daily aspects for students in the New Paradigm School of Astrology, I like to share the overview of the cycle with this new Moon report.

This new cycle shows us Mars, having just entered Aries, his home sign, coming into conjunction with Jupiter and, soon, Chiron. It shows us Venus having just entered Taurus, her home sign, coming into conjunction with Uranus and the north node. It shows us Mercury, now retrograde in Taurus, going direct (June 3) and returning to his home sign of Gemini on the 13th. Finally, the Sun itself, taking a big gulp of Gemini air, will go down for another underwater exploration of Cancer on June 21 (the Solstice).

As can be seen, felt, and witnessed, all these planets moving through the first three instinctual, raw, “untamed,” natural, basic, “unfiltered” signs signal a “coming home” to our inner, primal self, urges, desires, attractions, and fundamental nature. This, what we could call “basic self,” is both the root source of our power and often the most rejected, suppressed, and controlled (initially by external authorities and then by our guilt and shame) aspect of our total nature. As such, it is distorted, has shadow, and is often expressed as anger and violence if and when it finally manages to escape the cage we have held it in. Therefore, we can expect an escalation of anger and violence as reported not only in MSM but witnessed in our daily interactions and online with the recently birthed “cancel culture.”

Becoming aware of and healing, what we will call “the wounded warrior,” is not only called for but possible, supported, and indicated by Mars conjuncting Chiron (strongest from June 10-20, exact on the 15th).

The more we understand the true nature and pure expression of the divine masculine within ourselves, the more we can bring this healing to our culture and the world. This month offers us the opportunity to study and learn (Sun, Black Moon Lilith, and then Mercury all in Gemini) about this aspect of ourselves and all nature. It will require a willingness, perhaps humbleness, to be willing to screw it up, express ourselves “appropriately” or not, take risks that may succeed or fail, and invest ourselves and our money in projects/areas where we may win or lose.

Everything we do through this time period is a chance to listen and follow our primal, inner, physical, emotional, intuitive promptings over the hubbub, noise, and instruction of our past conditioning, friends, lovers, and relatives, extending out to include our favorite authorities and “science.”

Now that’s a big task, isn’t it?! It is not a road without bumps! Mercury will station square Saturn from June 1-5, and Venus will come into square him mid-month also. However (and quite interesting), with Pluto, Saturn, and Neptune all in late degrees, whenever something squares Saturn, it will sextile/trine the other two! Yes! So, we have some good support in our quest to know the inner self.

We may even get some profound “Ah Ha’s!” as Venus conjuncts Uranus (the same day Mars conjuncts Chiron) on June 15. It is best to stay inwardly tuned and follow that inner guidance toward manifesting your dreams, knowing that it may require some bushwhacking. Blessings on your journey.

So Much Love,

? Kaypacha will break down this month’s lunar cycle into weekly and daily aspects for students of the New Paradigm School of Astrology. It is a group of folks deeply interested in spreading awareness, healing, and harmony using the powerful medicine of star wisdom.

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