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New Moon 1º Aquarius Jan 21, 2023


〰️ Honoring individuality 〰️

This current New Moon cycle in Aquarius evokes inspiration! Aquarius is masterful at offering a new way of looking at things, so expect the unexpected. We have an opportunity to finally play the game a bit differently, with potentially more clarity, vision, and awareness gained. We’ve been on a long journey, and much has been learned. Aquarius is classically the “fruits of our labors” after the work has been put forth. It’s the reaping of what we’ve sown, potential fully realized and expressed.

Aquarius lifts us, awakens us, rocks the boat, shocks us out of complacency, and inspires change. So, come as you are and welcome a little luck on your side. It’s a get-out-of-jail-free card and time to skip ahead into more expansive horizons!

This week, on January 24th, Uranus (the ruling planet of Aquarius) moves out of its four-month retrograde and says farewell to its year-long stay it has been in with the North Node of the Moon. These two won’t come together again for a conjunction for fifteen years and in an entirely different sign. Uranus is the “Great Awakener,” and the North Node of the Moon represents our forward instinct towards actualizing our Destiny ~ in Taurus, this has been about the past year cultivating what an ideal future would feel like, what it is you value most, what is most important for survival?

Taurus is about individual comfort and pleasure, and we have each been looking at what that means to us. We’ve had the opportunity to not only receive the visions of what it could be, but within all the deeply personal work we’ve each done, it has allowed us to embody deeper potentials necessary to actualize the future we want. We have had many opportunities to make peace in the body and to heal our relationship with it as the vessel that carries us through this life.

Of all the dimensions within this life that we exist in, the body reminds us that we are in a mortal dance with time. Like the sands in an hourglass, there is a finite moment where it stops until it is turned again. So now, as Uranus moves direct in Taurus, we are gifted more time to grasp the blessing that is life in a body and to take the time to value it and the worldly experience and all its material treasures, as they simply represent our hearts and spirits manifested.

Venus makes her yearly conjunction with Saturn on January 22nd ~ the Grandfather Karma archetype and the Lover of Life come for a short reset of responsibility, and their meeting proposes big questions. “Are you being the change you want to see in this world?” “Are you being in your potential to the best of your ability?” “Are you putting all of your heart and soul into it?” A few weeks later, right around St. Valentines Day, Venus will spend a few nights in the embrace of Neptune, and the answers to these questions may be revealed in unimaginable and even magical ways as few symbols expose what’s truly in the heart quite like a meeting of Venus and Neptune.

2023 promises to be an extraordinary year of significant life-impacting culminations and finalizations. We are witnessing the end of outdated systems and the implementation of more progressive structures to support us through this epic time of expansion we are now entering. Both within and without, it is happening. But first, before the rebuild, the crumbling of what was is falling. After fifteen years, Pluto changes signs this year, transiting the last degrees of Capricorn into the first degrees of Aquarius. These are both highly socially focused archetypes representing the structures and the definitions that we, as humanity, have created and bound within – the social constructs.

However, there is a personal level as well to these signs. Capricorn takes us deep within to the archetype of our sense of personal power and authority, or sovereign self. Our capacity, our contribution. This is the healing work that we are each involved in now. We each deserve to feel fulfilled in our ability, to be valued by what we uniquely offer, to know that we are provided for through it and by it and that we are worthy of its provision.
We all have something powerful to give. Capricorn represents the cycle of life that has reached its peak of performance and now provides as a whole – to the whole. Capricorn is the provider through its own realized inner resources. Imagine a world where we each are valued for what we can naturally give, and having it sustains us.

Aquarius, on a personal level, represents the unique and individual essence and genius within each one of us. The creative quality is driven by inspiration and exists to be expressed and experienced in its uniqueness. It is our individuality, and it is meant to contribute to the tapestry of humanity as a gift to bring more possibility. Unity in diversity; honoring individuality as humanity is the ultimate aim that these archetypes represent on a collective social level. They provide the potential that we could get there.

As we all reach greater towards our individual potential and heart, so does the social structure that we make up. Yes, of course, there is always resistance that we will face. The old and the new are in a continuous confrontation, but growth and evolution persist. And our creative human potential is grand.

May you count your blessings as many as stars in the sky.


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