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New Moon 1º Sag Nov 23, 2022


〰️ Soaring eagle over the valley 〰️

“White capped waves display the power of wind over sea.
The mobilization of unconscious energies under the pressure of superpersonal motives.”

We Seek the Grail! The Holy Grail, that is! The meaning of life, the meaning behind what we have felt, seen, done and gone through. The purpose of it all. This is a month of seeking far, wide, and deep down inside to discover, open, share, and follow your most authentic, highest calling. The answers will not be handed to you. Indeed, there will be lies, deception, and falsehood surrounding the buried treasure of truth that only the wisest initiates will be able to discover, decipher, and comprehend.

The stakes are high. We have just endured a month-long intensive training in letting go, saying goodbye, and parting ways with the known, familiar past. Like a ship heading out into the vast open ocean (with white-capped waves), we don’t yet know what lies ahead but are stirred deep within to expand, transcend and rise to new heights of understanding natural law.

Our souls are crying out for answers to the questions left by the open scars in our bodies, hearts, and minds. Why this? Why now? Why me? What’s next?

The answers to these questions will not be found easily or in our immediate vicinity. Instead, we must reach out into the unknown, brace ourselves against the wind, and sail to distant shores, whether physical, emotional, mental, or psychic/spiritual. From high up on the mountain top, soaring like an eagle over the valley, or astral projecting far beyond earth’s grasp, we will find our answers, comfort, company, and peace.

This month, there is a battle between the spiritual and the mundane, between truth and lies, and between business and soul destiny. The Sun, Mercury, and Venus will march through Sagittarius, the sign of the guru, wisdom, and the expansion of consciousness and oppose Mars in Gemini, the sign of daily mainstream gossip, business, commerce, and communication. They will all square Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, the sign of Great Mystery, illusion, dreams, and fantasy. There will be plenty for those who still crave the distractions, the stimulation, and the materialistic buzz. For those seeking escape from the mundane, whimsical journeys to never neverland, instant or long-term highs, there will be a plethora of illusions and phantoms to chase and fancy.

Only to those who are ready, who are not fooled, tricked, deceived, led, or asleep, will the subtle energetic spirit world speak. It will require stillness, silence, nature, patience, and supersensible listening for the voices of the angels to be heard. Extreme attention, focus, discipline, and discernment, as if fine-tuning a string on the guitar and slowly bringing the pitch to exact, will be necessary to tear open the veils so the truth/future may be revealed. There is a new earth dawning in the etheric world, the mists of Avalon, that only a few may see. Shh, quiet, listen, and you will hear the music, experience the magic, and dance the dance of the stars.

Do not be fooled by the glamour, the clanking, the hideous and grotesque attempts to mimic the true, real, deep, and profound with false idols, fake caricatures, useless toys, games, and junk. There are powerful natural forces at work beneath the surface of life and consciousness calling for our attention and offering truth, guidance, understanding, and the necessary knowledge to go forward. Listening carefully to the voice of the wind, we will be guided toward our highest destiny rather than crash on the rocks of ignorance. So be vigilant, be awake, and you will know.

So Much Love,

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