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New Moon at 12º Aquarius Feb 1, 2022


〰️ Seeds of Liberation 〰️

This new Moon in Aquarius sows the seeds of liberation in many ways for many people in many realms. Aquarius is symbolic of breaking away from the norm, stepping outside of our box, gaining new perspectives, and envisioning a new future. With Venus having just turned direct and Mercury stationing direct on the fourth, we will have all planets (signals) in forward motion.

It’s like the wagon train has been circled and camped, and it’s time to wake up, mount up, and git along! “All hands on deck!” is the resounding call of the month.

Like going on vacation (or just waking up and going to work), it takes getting organized. Let’s face it, our lives have gotten disheveled over the last couple of years. We’ve been disrupted, uprooted, disoriented, and disappointed in many ways. We’re waking up to a new, changed world and have had to adjust our lives, our relationships, our expectations, and our plans as a result.

With all the rapid change, it’s natural to pause, look, and listen rather than plunge ahead like normal. But we cannot remain on pause forever, and it’s time to get moving.

These last six months, and most intensely these last six weeks, have been like backing the car out of the garage and are now in the middle of the street. It’s time to change gears, put it in drive, and step on the gas. It is no longer about waiting for life to settle down and go back to normal because it’s not. Instead, we need to stand up, stand strong, decide, get it together, and get on with our lives. There is still some letting go with its accompanying sadness and grief. There is still lingering uncertainty and shifting sands.

This is the new normal, and rather than wait and hope that things straighten out, this is the month to get on a fresh horse and ride.

The beauty is in Venus and Mars, uniting their creative energy in mid-Capricorn and riding together for the next two months on through Aquarius. They know they’ve got some serious business to take care of in this new environment. Like the pioneers heading west into a new wilderness, there are still many unknowns.

Let’s face it, we are all older now, we’ve been tested, tried, and torn, we’re a little more cautious and careful about laying new foundation stones as we want to build something that’s going to last. This can be in the realm of work, family, relationships, real estate, and income.

New people, new love, new opportunities will abound after the fourth as Venus not only trines Uranus, but she and Mars will sextile their father Jupiter in Pisces.

The Sun joining Saturn at the same time makes this second week of February a decisive turning point in many of our lives. It is time to take the bull by the horns, rebel against the old order, and break free from old patterns, contracts, and limitations to start a new life.

Have faith in yourself and confidence in the spirit within to empower you to make those tough choices with an optimistic belief in a positive outcome. Amid social upset and revolution, which is simply a reflection of the same energy happening on a collective level, that of society waking up, changing gears, and ousting outmoded forms of governance, we as individuals need to actively create our realities.

It is an ambitious time. It’s not time to sit and wait and hope that things will come and we will be provided for.

It is a competitive time with an atmosphere of first come, first served, and little rewards for those who hesitate.

Don’t be intimidated. Don’t be bossed, pushed, or told what to do, as there will be plenty of others vying for control and power. Instead, align your intentions with the highest and purest, call in those with integrity, living in truth and honor, and set off on your new journey with like-minded souls seeking the open heart. As you break free from the herd, you will find an increasing number of newly liberated, excited, and inspired cohorts ready to build alternative enterprises that will be the salvation for souls yet to come.

So Much Love,

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