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New Moon 02º Scorpio Oct 25, 2022


〰️ The Solar Eclipse 〰️

As this is such a significant period of time in history, and this is a pivotal month within this period, the astrological indications are numerous, profound, and deep. Therefore, it will be helpful for you to view the Eclipse Pele Report before reading this month’s planner as I explain eclipses in that report. You can watch it HERE.

In addition, I have gathered a group of astrologers together for a SPECIAL ECLIPSE webinar this Sunday, October 23. You can get access to the replay HERE.

As I discussed in the Pele Report, not all eclipse “seasons” are equal. First, they happen twice a year, once when the Sun conjuncts the north node (future path) of the Moon and a second time when it conjuncts the south node (karmic past). Secondly, the nodes transit through a sign every year and one half, so the eclipses occur in different signs (and houses of your birth chart). Third, they come in various orders from solar, followed by a lunar, followed by another solar, and to a lunar, followed only by a solar, etc., anywhere from two eclipses (a lunar and a solar) to up to five!

This “season,” we have only two eclipses, a partial solar eclipse (new Moon) conjunct the south node AND VENUS in Scorpio, followed by a total lunar eclipse (full Moon) when the Moon conjuncts Uranus in Taurus and opposes the Sun conjunct Mercury in Scorpio. The south node solar eclipse on October 25 heralds an opportunity to reshape, reform, reconstruct, and reconstitute a new set of values (Venus) in relationship to ourselves, our intimate partnerships, our bodies, possessions, and money. This will apply both in general and more specifically if it is aspecting your personal points or other personal planets.

The Sun’s powerful, spiritual, creative expression will be supported by the Moon’s emotional nurturing and Venus’ love of beauty and harmony. This will be a few days (Monday to Wednesday) where we will have the opportunity to form new ideals, values, and goals, particularly concerning our intimate relationships, shared finances, health, and use/experience of power. It may be helpful to keep in mind that unconscious soul intentions may “force” some of these changes upon us if we have been fearfully resisting evolutionary growth. This is a time of great revelation and new information, so keep your eyes, ears, and hearts open!

The solar eclipse will be followed on November 8 by a total lunar eclipse where the Moon (subconscious, instinctive desires and habits) will be conjunct Uranus (sudden, unpredictable, extreme events) in opposition to the Sun (the seeds, plans, ideals, and values that were planted/desired at the solar eclipse two weeks earlier). This is when there will be powerful Reactions, possibly unleashing intense negative energy that creates conflict between the new forces of change and the resistant, recalcitrant fears and insecurities born from past traumatic events.

This total lunar eclipse involving not only Uranus and Mercury (AI, revolution, news, and communication) but also squaring Saturn (blocks, hindrances, delays, and karma) indicates that collectively and personally, we will all need to grow up, become more objective, think more of future generations and the planet than our egotistical personal aims and comforts, and buckle down with some discipline, patience, and endurance to hammer out contracts and agreements… or else. I feel this is part of a separation of timelines or those who ascend to higher states of consciousness and those who remain or descend into conflict, pain, and suffering.

Fortunately, I see beautiful trines from the Sun, Mercury, and Venus to both Jupiter and Neptune (planets of spiritual love and expansion) following this explosive lunar eclipse. The energy will lighten, and a new dawn may rise in mid-November as the Sun, Mercury, and Venus all transit into expansive, fiery Sagittarius.

Mars, the planet of the charge-ahead warrior, will have stationed and turned retrograde, indicating a retreat, introspection, and reevaluation, probably due to the intense, radical revelation of truths, motives, and past covert actions brought to the surface by the eclipse.

Again, eclipses primarily have to do with collective planetary events. With the rapid development of global networks, corporations, and government agencies (WHO, WEF, Google, etc.), our personal lives are increasingly affected by international affairs (especially war), as they impact supply chains, energy, inflation, and currency. As I have stated in other places and will discuss more in the webinar, my take is that there is now happening intentional destruction of the global economy as part of the Great Reset laid out by Klaus Schwab and the WEF to enable them to “Build Back Better.”

The north node in Taurus from January 2022 to July 2023 indicates the need for each of us to become more self-sufficient, particularly concerning our physical bodies, food supply, energy sources, and the rejuvenating power of nature. I have been encouraging everyone to get out of cities, grow their own food, and come into community with like-minded souls to forge new networks of support for a long time. I believe that the events coming over these next six months to a year and starting with this eclipse season, will drive home the importance of these survival strategies.

During such challenging times, it is also important to remember the gift that life truly is. Fostering feelings of gratitude for what we have, those we love, and the beauty we can create, share, and experience alone and with others builds faith, hope, and love. These high vibrational spiritual energies will bring the most light, healing, and strength to ourselves and a world in need of our skills, love, and care. The more we can breathe together, join together, chant, sing and dance together, as well as grow gardens and play with our children, the more we will nourish a healthy state of mind, heart, body, and soul. So let’s hold our heads high and shine our light!

So Much Love,

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