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New Moon 20º Aquarius Feb 9, 2024


〰️ Breaking free from ignorance 〰️

Uranus has been strongly influencing the New Moons since last summer, and this one is no exception. Quite the contrary, it reveals that this a pivotal turning point of the Uranian New Moon Journey because the Sun is in Aquarius, the sign of Uranus, Uranus squares the New Moon; a particularly feisty aspect, plus Uranus has finally gone direct as of January 26. Whatever happens now will all come closer to realization with the New Moon in May, marking a full circle in the Uranus/New Moon telltale that has been cooking for a year.

Uranus is the master of destroying denial, and it has the uncanny capacity to stir up the most sleepy of us, working as a flashlight of insight that leaves us forever changed. Uranus gives us the kind of experience that once we have crossed the bridge from unconscious to conscious, it is tough to travel back into ignorance.

Often, our most life-changing awakenings come when we are disappointed: With people, with our lives, or with society. Expectations and reality need to match if the individual is to be entirely liberated. It is a very human thing to have expectations. However, Aquarius is not interested in being pulled into the drama of projected fantasy; it is more focused on the realm of consciousness to achieve correct perspective.

The raw, primal expression that often yields so much suffering is seen as destructive for the Aquarian mind. If there is a higher path available, one of cool intellect and emotional mastery, why not take it and avoid the disappointments that are born out of unrealistic expectations and projections? Makes sense to the Aquarius. This requires a stoic, neutral attitude, and in the midst of a sudden, often traumatic awakening, there is a choice on how to react and respond to the drama of life, at least from an Aquarian perspective. This is the choice we are now waking up to.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon: «A woman disappointed and disillusioned» needs to be properly understood because it isn’t all cheery but is crucial for human maturation. Nothing feels worse than having one’s illusions popped, and the emotional ocean of disillusionment can seem like a journey with no end. How can we ever find hope again once the truth has been exposed? For some, it might feel impossible. Gone is the innocence, gone is the denial, and what is left is the less-than-magical reality of one’s life. The awakening this New Moon heralds could be compared to waking up one day and realizing that despite all the material wealth one might be privileged to enjoy, there is something superficial about it all.

Uranus is here to remind us of the impermanence of everything and that nothing superficial will last forever. Only truth remains. Everything else changes and morphs unendingly. Evolution is at the core of all life; even our sense of identity is fluid. Who we thought we were could change drastically when we suddenly realize we have grown. This creates a gap between our life and the human we have become. Anything stagnant could start cracking up, and if the impulse to evolve is denied, Uranus will remind us that life has a cunning way of creating a crisis for us to keep on track with our evolution.

Sadhguru once got a question about what he thought was the world’s most dire problem. Naturally, being a pretty enlightened fella, he told the truth and answered: «Ignorance.» Such an elegant and precise answer.

Uranus is helping us to break free of ignorance, but it is not always a gentle journey. If you ever ran into Uranus on your path, you might have seen the erratic and surprising mischief this God is up to. Mercury is an amateur trickster compared to Uranus. Once you think you have a firm grip on what it all means, it shifts and morphs and changes, almost like it is testing anything you are sure about while reminding you that the quantum levels of life are hard to manipulate. It is little wonder this archetype can be a tad traumatic to be around.

So, the best way to move around this lunation is to remain stoic. Mars will cross Pluto on the 13th, so if everything feels electric, your nervous system is overstimulated, and you feel ungrounded, choose to believe. Faith is a choice. It is what we choose when the answer is still hidden, and we are left in the famous twilight zone of Uranus, a place where anything can happen.

Sol W Jonassen

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