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New Moon 20º Capricorn Jan 11, 2024


〰️ Capricorn takes your hand and says: Let’s try again! 〰️

There is a New Moon on the horizon, and this one exactly squares the lunar nodes, which makes it a pretty significant lunation! As it sows the seed for the coming lunar cycle, we can assume that this particular lunar phase is of great importance, touching upon essential evolutionary themes.

The ruler of the South Node in Libra, Venus, is in Sagittarius trine Chiron, and this suggests that there is a beautiful healing going on when it comes to cooperation, union, and love. The ruler of the North Node in Aries, Mars, is very comfortable in Capricorn, and this mellows down the reactive nature of the warrior and brings forth the more disciplined worker, more interested in action rather than words, which is also good news when it comes to cooperation and unified effort.

The Sabian Symbol for this gorgeous New Moon, «A Relay Race,» perfectly mirrors the dance between Libra and Aries. The relay is a group effort, and the individual effort improves the collective results. We might even call it solidarity, that beautiful capacity we humans have when we work together in a situation that requires putting our egos aside. Yet, the self gets nourished because we desire to offer the very best we can as individuals. When we take responsibility for our self-mastery, which is the highest expression of Capricorn, we can also provide the fruit of our effort to the communal good and the benefit of others.

Mastery breeds self-confidence like nothing else will. Capricorn is often criticized for being too strict, too ambitious, too cynical, or too controlling. Still, there is a deep spiritual opportunity in this sign that is often overlooked in pop astrology. The initiation in this cardinal sign has to do with mastery, and it deals with paradoxes that need to be aligned for health and prosperity to occur. Any type of exaggeration or self-denial is thus to be avoided, and herein lies the paradox of being both human and god, vulnerable and strong, tolerant and strict, all depending on the bigger picture and the deeper implications in every unique situation.

That is why Capricorn is a way more complicated process than the Aries/Libra, black-and-white paradigm. Here, we are exposed to nuances and paradoxes that require the mind of a leader, willing to take full responsibility for the consequences of one’s choices and capable of wisdom and deep, tender, solid love.

Even though it is easy to get into a fight-and-flight mode with life or feel overwhelmed, anxious, and despaired, from a Capricorn perspective, it is all another opportunity to work through the issues and use the situations that arise in a constructive and creative manner, almost as if going to the gym to strengthen certain muscles. In the case of Capricorn, the muscle of will to do the best we can with what we have, will to master one’s own emotions, will to transmute the low and stifle energy into a higher and finer frequency. It is not easy, but it is undoubtedly the key to liberation. And, after all, liberation is what most seekers are really after. This is where all the therapeutic tools come into action, but those alone are not enough. There has to be a will to understand the whole and a willingness to meet people in our lives where they are. This is not just about us as individuals (Aries). It is about us in union with others (Libra). And this is where we create a society (Capricorn).

This rather overused «Be the change you want to see in the world» came from the mouth of Gandhi, himself a Libra, words that celebrate initiative and encourage each other’s motivation to grow and to become conscious, aware, and fit for the relay race, where our initiative merges with the group effort. And then help those on their knees to get up and start participating. It might sound like a utopian dream, but this is, in fact, how to create that which works, and after all, Capricorn is after just that: make it work.

And it seems to be dawning on society, despite fractions of rampant xenophobia and separatism, that working as a whole is where we are heading. However, we all have to do the long journey to work through our own limitations and transcend the judgment of being too strict with our achievements. One of the hardest paradoxes is being able to accept being human while daring to push beyond the comfort zone and use willpower when needed.

Capricorn builds muscles of stamina. And this will get us up and running again after we’ve been going step by step through the whole human experience of innocence, hope, loss, and destruction. It is Capricorn who takes your hand and says: Let’s try again!

Sol W Jonassen

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