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New Moon 20º Sagittarius Dec 12, 2023


〰️ Who knows the truth? 〰️

The Mutable New Moon in the sign of Fire over all Fire, Sagittarius, is being dampened by stationary Mercury in Capricorn, due to go retrograde just eight hours after the New Moon is formed. The seeker will be equally stunned by the magic of the mystery of life, as dismayed over the many imperfections of life. The New Moon forms a square to Neptune in Pisces and if we cue the Sabian Symbol for the New Moon degree, something interesting appears that reveals the contrast between the over-the-top Sagittarius/Pisces New Moon energy and the more stoic, pragmatic, cautious, and deliberate Mercury in Capricorn about to go retrograde.

The Sabian reads as follows: «A child and a dog wearing borrowed eyeglasses» and it is normally understood as a piercing of illusion (glasses) for the very innocent (the child or the dog) inside of us. If we are oblivious to something, we are at the same time not aware of being oblivious. That is why they say ignorance is bliss, but once the goggles are on, the shapes of reality are being revealed, and nothing suits a very pragmatic Mercury in Capricorn better than to be safely grounded in an understanding of what is real. Life has a way of demonstrating that neglect and illusion never pay off, so what is real is also reliable.

In other words, the more aware and conscious we are, the better we can master our lives. The unconscious dream state, which is the stream of consciousness that sometimes flushes through our minds, creates a lot of situations for us that are not always ideal for our wellbeing. The Four Noble Truths of Buddhism can offer something interesting related to this.

As the Buddha entered the world after his enlightenment, he considered how this knowledge could be understood so that all people would experience liberation. He realized that these were complex concepts to fathom, so he came up with the Four Noble Truths to end suffering, known to Buddhists as the eightfold path, the first of which is Right Understanding. The basis is that it is absolutely important to understand the nature of that which is called Life. Are things what they appear to be? According to this lore, we need to question what is collectively held as cherished beliefs. These could be beliefs about death, the consequences of our actions, and about heaven and hell. Existential stuff, in other words, and so important as it informs our actions.

Illusions cause suffering, but then, who knows the truth? The fine thing about Neptune is that it is a path towards greater clarity. But first comes the death of those cherished illusions, creating a false sense of security. Denial is the first stage of healing, and during this particular New Moon phase, we might sense that we, ourselves, or the people around us, are coming to the end of holding on to a particular belief. The Mercury retrograde energy from Capricorn coupled with the Sabian Symbol for the New Moon suggests that we do well if we listen to those who have gone before us and, at the same time, be consciously aware that we cannot trust everyone who markets their ideas.

Knowing the difference between a “good teaching” and a “bad teaching” is understanding which one helps us understand and grow and which one holds us back. As Saturn is marching through Pisces, many misaligned teachers, gurus, experts, and leaders will have to check their mirrors to see if their integrity is intact and stop projecting a fantasy onto the world. As students, we have to be aware of the integrity level of the teacher and be capable of taking the memo when the messages of truth present themselves.

Mercury retrograde is helping us filter out information sources that are doing us no good and focus on something more creative and constructive. As the square between the Sun and Neptune kicks in, our immunity towards toxicity and destruction will be tested, and the boundaries might feel weak, as if the filter is gone. When the immunity is gone, the individual is more receptive to all kinds of illusions, virtual viruses, and dark, psychotic energy.

The power of perfect immunity rests in the energetic heart. This field of compassion makes the energy neutral when it needs to be neutral and active when it needs to act. As sensitivity increases with this transit, so will madness. But the upper tier of this phase is to be conscious of the unconscious, awake instead of sleeping, and capable of reading what happens in a larger context. And surrender when we must. The mystery ride continues.

Sol W Jonassen

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