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New Moon 20º Scorpio Nov 13, 2023


〰️ Powerful emotional energies 〰️

The world is praying for peace as the balance between the East and the West continues to rest on very fragile grounds. Should we expect such ongoing tension until Pluto has finished its long stay in Capricorn in November 2024? Well, we will probably learn a great deal about humanity’s history until then, as old wounds of the past are not healing. These ancient battles are wearing on us all, making us feel powerless, not knowing how these ingrained patterns could possibly change.

However, the eye-for-an-eye mentality that rips the world apart is outdated. There are so many explanations, perspectives, and moral aspects to consider, yet one thing is evident: more blood and trauma are not in the general interest of anyone. This is the choice to create or to destroy, no matter how convincing the arguments for destruction might be. That famous nuke everyone is afraid of is the ultimate expression of human destructiveness, and its image rests deep in our collective subconscious.

It almost feels like humanity is close to messing everything up, and this is increasingly an awareness that penetrates everything from environmentalism, science, and economy to politics. To have a threshold experience was never easy, but perhaps that is what we have here. The journey of Pluto, from Capricorn, the past, to Aquarius, the future?

This particular New Moon fires up Scorpio to the nth degree. Mars, the traditional ruler of Scorpio and master of separatism, is smeared into the New Moon by a meager degree and a half, and the whole stew opposes Uranus in Taurus. Economy and war go hand in hand more often than not, and a little peek at this particular opposition certainly highlights this connection.

It begs the question, is anyone free at all when it comes to life on earth? Uranus speaks of this freedom from that which holds back creativity. However, it is up against Taurus, the archetype that resists change more than any other. Yes, we would probably love to get rid of the power money has over our lives, but are we willing to give up anything and risk our security to have the revolution that could potentially change everything? Is there abundance after we change from consumerism to a more conscious economy?

These spiritual questions lie deeply on the Scorpio-Taurus axis, being at the center of the current astrology, with one alliance feeding another alliance, inevitably tied into money and power. «Follow the money» is a well-known quote, and in most cases, the fight for territory is also about money and access. Territorial battles are not just exclusive to the current Middle East conflict. Armenia has been fighting off Azerbaijan lately, Ukraine struggles to keep Russia out, and so on and so forth. Looks like the weapon industry is far from going bankrupt any time soon.

On a more personal level, the same instinctual reactions around territory could strike with full force. Perhaps work is scarce. Maybe someone is pining for your partner. Perhaps survival is at the front of your current worries. And you have to figure out what is a healthy and creative reaction. The Sabian symbol for the New Moon offers an interesting perspective on how humanity and individuals can move away from the old paradigm and bravely watch the world through spiritual eyes: «Obeying his conscience, a soldier resists orders.» To walk under the true religion, LOVE, would sometimes mean disobeying rules that are informed by tribal consciousness and actually doing the right thing instead of following orders. Breaking free involves an ability to swim upstream without support, even if the traitor fallacy attacks. It is very hard to speak up these days due to these underlying social sanctions that come once there is a non-dual approach and an aspiration to compassion. Oddly, the very thing that could save our societies from large-scale wars is the very thing we prevent by denying its expression.

Uranus speaks of the outsider. That person has taken the vow of learning to think for oneself. A classic Uranus person will not follow the flow but walk the brave path of individuation. That means walking without support, acknowledging that the only way is to follow the new vision and stick to it. The gain is spiritual integrity. This New Moon promises a real quantum leap towards this kind of individuation. The Sun and Mars will stick it out for a while, fueling the desire to break free or break through.

There is a lot of anger brewing on earth right now. Mars is a separatist, and sometimes, that can be a good thing. Saying no is the ultimate statement, and the mantra for Mars is «Enough is enough.» And «no» will be said out loud as the New Moon is born. Be prepared to use it as well. It could be an unfamiliar word to you, but the unfamiliar is what the resisting soldier needs to get used to.

Sol W Jonassen

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