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New Moon 21º Virgo Sep 14, 2023


〰️ Responsibility & Virtue 〰️

Someone said that virtue is its own reward, and that is a pretty smart statement. Our virtuous nature can give us deep inner peace. But with Saturn’s current retrograde motion in Pisces, we need to examine closer these idealistic ways we try to be human. A deep spiritual process of purification is happening at the depth of the Virgo archetype. Virgos are said to battle themselves in ways that can be very painful, but if we take a closer look at the very nature of the battle, we will discover that Virgo is trying to mature the preceding sign, Leo. When the Leo archetype is satiated and starts to be too much, it can morph into arrogance and lack of empathy, and that doesn’t feel good.

Empathy is not something everyone is born with, but it is a quality that is developed with experience and wisdom. And very often after the downfall of the ego. «Who do you think you are?» is a pertinent question for those who ride on their high horses, full of themselves. The same question to those who are already pulling themselves off that horse on a daily basis could be devastating. To be someone special while being humble and pure is a difficult paradox to master, and that is exactly what Virgo is attempting. To be humble is to be real, and it would be ridiculous to try to pull oneself down from a state of greatness if it is only to get some sort of medal of purity. If we are great, we should be great and not feel stupid about being more skilled than others in certain areas. However, to rest in a state of greatness and still see greatness in others is true freedom.

Then, competition is cleared out of the system. Virgo attempts this. It is seeking civilization and knows that the only way forward is true cooperation, so there is a need to control the instinctual nature and purify the ego. That should come with a «Don’t try this at home» warning, as it could end up being a confusing inner battle where the inner relationship to the Self is filled with shame and guilt. And the anger of never reaching perfection.

Virgo, because of its connection to the first initiation of the body-mind-emotion, is thus a sign of crisis. This is where we are all schooled in health and perfection. The trouble begins when neuroticism imprisons the individual inside the loop of their own mind. Then nothing is easy. Virgo would be the first to feel queasy about a path of self-development that is entirely focused on Me and leads to yet another expression of entitlement and self-absorption, the very thing that is ruining our planet. However, if the health and energy of an individual aren’t functioning, the path is through Taurus, deep self-absorption, and Leo, external validation. There is, however a very fine line between self-care and self-obsession. And it is this that we all need to understand if we aspire to move forward on the path of life and reach liberation.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon is appropriate in that sense: «A Royal Coat of Arms Enriched with Precious Stones» talks about high responsibility and virtue. Soul consciousness is dignified and mature. It is aware of its influence and dharmic commitment to serve, not as one, but as one of many. One small act of goodwill makes a human feel great. Altruism is the gift that keeps on giving, which is why virtue is its own reward. But giving and taking is not always easy.

So many people are trying to figure out how that level of love and compassion actually works, having been burnt out, deceived, or taken advantage of. In therapeutics, there is talk about emphatic burnout, where the therapist, the savior, has nothing more to give, which means that something was off to begin with. With true authority, burnout is not a problem. Burnout is a problem when service is without correct boundaries, and it becomes impossible to say no.
And if we cannot ask for help ourselves, we are not serving the whole. Maybe this is also just Leo playing out the eternal Hero Role, wanting to prove to the world that one is capable and better than others? And the Virgo shame of not wanting to be a burden? Could be.

There is no shame in asking for help. Or in being burnt out. There is learning here, and that is it. Compassion is without aggressive judgment. It observes and corrects. As we try to become more functional, we cannot leave for a permanent vacation, even if that feels like the only thing that would heal us. The world keeps spinning around, so aim for a more effective use of energy. Mercury is coming out of the retrograde motion with this New Moon. It has been digging deep, and out of that digging, you will forge a new path. One detail at a time. This is not a time to play hero but to work meticulously towards greater health on all levels. Don’t overdo anything. And the things you do, do them properly and with an attitude of serving the whole.

Sol W Jonassen

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