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New Moon 23º Leo August 16, 2023


〰️ Open yourself to the NEW 〰️

This month’s lunar cycle is unique in that, for a certain period of time within it, seven out of nine possible planets (including Chiron) are retrograde, and for most of the cycle, there are six! Mercury, Jupiter, and Uranus are turning retrograde this month to join Pluto, Neptune, Chiron, Saturn, and until September 3rd, Venus! From August 28th to September 3rd, the only direct planet will be Mars. From September 3rd until the 15th only Mars and Venus will be direct.

Let’s look at the symbolism, interpretation, and possible outcomes of this rare combination of stellar influences within the context of this lunar cycle that begins with the New Moon at 23° Leo 17”. Once again, the Sabian symbol for this new Moon is particularly appropriate: “Totally concentrated upon inner spiritual attainment, a man is sitting in a state of complete neglect of bodily appearance and cleanliness.” The Keynote is: “An interior focalization of energy at the expense of all forms of outward activity and care.”

The retrograde phenomena (an optical illusion as no planet actually orbits in reverse) occurs for planets outside the orbit of Earth (Mars–Pluto) when the Earth is approaching the planet and passing it. Therefore, it is a period of time when the planet is closest to Earth, and since the Earth is traveling between it and the Sun, there will also be an opposition between the Sun and the given planet midway through the retrograde period. The planet is “stronger” during this transit as it goes through a process of “individuation.”

The many keywords describing retrograde planets (and you can create some of your own) are rebel, revolt, reflect, renegotiate, remodel, redo, remember, and review, to name just a few. The usually direct, forward, and outward motion of the planetary energy is reversed and turned inward upon oneself so that new dimensions, aspects, talents, feelings, fears, desires, and drives may be discovered. Similar to the man sitting in total concentration with an interior focalization, this month can best be dedicated to our inner hero/heroine’s journey to rid ourselves of outdated, no longer appropriate, and possibly detrimental habits of mind, body, and soul.

Retrograde planets have a “Uranian” overtone as, through inner contemplation and realization, we break free from socio-cultural-religious-famliy and friends conditioning to become more fully individuated, powerful, and creative. The radical inner discoveries we can make without outer interference, noise, and distractions, can mobilize us to make big changes in our relationships, jobs, homes, and even life direction. The challenge can be to heed the call of the planets and listen to what you may not have heard before, read and discuss feelings, new material, perspectives, opportunities, philosophies, and people that you may not have entertained before, and open yourself to the NEW in all its various forms as the future seeks to effect change within the NOW.

This rebellious Uranian rebel energy is associated with liberation from conventional norms in order to attain a heightened awareness and an “enlightened” state of being. Too often, this liberation, or freedom, is misunderstood as a license or lack of external restrictions, obligations, karma, or duties that allow for more free time, relaxation, “downtime,” or party time. However, upon closer examination, we can see that true liberation or freedom is an internal acceptance of what life is in every way it manifests.

The ”spiritual attainment” that the man in the Sabian symbol is seeking is an inner peace that can only come through forgiveness and compassion, both of which come through retrograde reflection and contemplation and lead the disciple (disciplined person) into full acceptance of the vast, polarized, vagaries of human experience. Life will continually confront us with pain, sorrow, obstacles, grief, tears, and challenges that hurt us, break us, depress us, anger us, frustrate us, or simply stop us from getting what we want. There is no liberation or freeing ourselves from this human predicament by actively DOING something about it, conquering it, buying it, solving it, or killing it, as there will always come more.

Thus, liberation can only be attained through a complete acceptance of whatever life brings us with a calm knowing that for some reason beyond our ego comprehension, there is purpose, good, evolution, learning, growth, and an opportunity for expansion of our heart and consciousness through every experience. This is the work that can be accomplished this month as we pull back from our ordinary routines to reflect on the deeper intentions Spirit has for us and break free from old mental and emotional attachments, habits, beliefs, and attitudes that stand in the way of us being fully present in every moment regardless of how it feels, to get the most and give the most of ourselves.

This is the resurrection of Venus from the underworld that is possible this month, the intention of the new Moon in Leo to fully express itself, of Mercury and Mars transiting through Virgo to discern, pick, and choose to heal all wounds beginning with those within ourselves. May this be a month of true liberation for you as you let go of demanding that Life conforms to your standards, ideals, and expectations and instead find the joy, mystery, truth, love, and beauty in whatever shows up for you in each minute of each day.

So Much Love,

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