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New Moon 24º Cancer July 17, 2023


〰️ Balance is up to you 〰️

This is a big week, and the wheel of time is turning again. Both Pluto and Neptune will play their cards and shake our existential core, and the nodal shift happens just hours after the New Moon, opening a whole new chapter of experience for us earthlings. Something is completed, done, and over. And there is a need for a new approach. As the Sun travels through the last five degrees of Cancer, this lunar phase is both a new beginning and an end. The web of life has been broken, and new threads are about to be spun.

It is a slow and deep process that churns in Cancer. Integration is a Cancer function, and integrity is the result, symbolized through Capricorn, the polar opposite. Without time and energy to digest, life can feel rushed, challenged, and stressed, and there isn’t enough nourishment. It is beyond doubt that Cancer asks us to slow down time and take things more carefully, never abandoning ourselves or skipping necessary steps. And especially now, as the wheel of time moves us in a new direction. It is time to pay attention.

In order for that process of integration to function better, proper leadership needs to be applied. It is odd for many to think that Cancer is a cardinal sign and that they are leaders because of their often soft and introverted demeanor. We often associate leadership with having some fancy position and being out there in the world. Still, the leadership of Cancer is one of inner regulation and being capable of taking responsibility for any personal and familial needs that need attending.

The Sabian symbol for the New Moon enhances this quality: «A dark shadow or mantle thrown suddenly over the right shoulder» might sound a bit eerie at first glance, but it reveals an inner master, a guide from a realm out of sight for the untrained eye. It gives off associations to power and leadership graced by the presence of an inner force of support and companionship. The need to have someone in life is often translated as a need to be in a physical relationship, but before we get to that part, inner power needs to be realized. The capacity to be resolute and stand by our decisions, or the quality of steadfastness that accompanies inner power, are beneficial qualities and extremely important in this time and age when we are all, in one way or another, fighting the gravity of negativity.

Pluto will hover over this New Moon as a force to be reckoned with. It can be demoted times over, yet still don’t give a damn. Pluto is not someone to be swept under the rug. And this week, it takes on full power squaring the nodal axis, which moves into the cardinal axis of Aries and Libra, urging us not to lose balance and stand firmly in our own center of strength. The last time the North Node was in Aries and South Node was in Libra was back in 2005. And this cycle of growth is now coming into a sharper focus.

Relationships are challenging and vital for humans. Without each other, we cannot grow as humans, but, as the transit of Pluto through Capricorn has shown us, relationships based on abuse and codependency will not work anymore. And at the entrance of this nodal shift lies Pluto, smack bam square the nodal axis asking us to be resolute in our commitment to not return to previous trouble and listen deeply to what is asked of us in order to create more beautiful and healthy connections with others. The loneliness that can accompany this combination of energy could very well be relieved by the inner support that the Sabian symbol reveals. We get no guarantee in life. But a deep sense of inner support can help us make a significant move nonetheless.

Unresolved issues, betrayals, and abandonment issues in relationships could occupy the psyche, and as Venus goes retrograde midway through this lunar phase, inconjunct to Neptune, the planet of illusions and truth, we need to be mindful of our longings and our capacity to idealize others to a level where there is a projection happening.

This week’s message is clear: Stay close to your core and be mindful of your connection to others. Balance is up to you, and your capacity for leadership will help create it.

Sol W Jonassen

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