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New Moon 26º Gemini June 17, 2023


〰️ Emerging 〰️

Wooha! Talk about New Moon with an extra-dimensional flair. Not only does the square to Neptune point to an experience of living beyond linear time, but the New Moon also occurs at the opposition point to the Galactic Center. This place in the cosmos opens up a wormhole in our minds, allowing us to access new information and reach a higher level. And for that to happen, there has to be a willingness to let go of control. Thus, this New Moon isn’t for people who obsess over routines and like to always be on top of things.

This one requires a capacity to flow with this moment as it is.

The Sabian Symbol (and remember that these were conceived in the ’30s and might not be culturally up to date) is «The gypsy emerging from the woods, gazing at far cities.» This symbolizes the emergence of the individual, the newcomer, the outsider. Perhaps you find yourself on the brink of a new life. However, it still feels foreign or strange, or you re-emerge into society after being away for a while, working on yourself and healing your relationship to other people.

The word: «Emerging» is mirrored perfectly in the T-square between the New Moon, Neptune, and the GC (short for Galactic Center.) The square from Neptune to the GC will be in effect all year, so this is a year for spiritual emergence and union with something larger than our egos. Neptune is unity at its best, but let’s not forget that it is delusion at its worst.

Thus the potential to get lost in the woods is equally strong as the potential to reach enlightenment. As a matter of fact, many people get lost at sea, out hiking, or on some strange adventure when Neptune takes over, so there is an actual caution here. Neptune is all about surrender, but to what? If there are people who always seem to let themselves fall into darker astral realms, then being lost is a fact. These aspects need proper guidance and direction to be fully enjoyed.

The Neptune factor can also affect the immunity system, being completely overwhelmed and affected by an increased sensitivity to world affairs. The mutable energy is also all over the place, causing stress, while the mind could be stuck in an attachment to wanting to have everything uncomplicated and trouble-free. However, it is a known fact that life is complicated and demands a lot of effort, and for the seeker who wants to reach a higher potential, the stress tests that life presents now could very well create the perfect momentum to go even deeper to find strength and not be driven by fear.

In a true spiritual tradition, fear and rigidity are seen as the enzyme for growth. It is so easy to succumb to it, and the fearful mindset is contagious and tempting. It is, in other words, easier to fear than to not. And where does the sailor find hope in the middle of the sea, with no navigation and no land in sight? Imagine the numerous situations people can find themselves in, and we will quickly see that every day poses a challenge in merely surviving. However, it is said that when you don’t choose love, you automatically choose fear. And that is how simple it could be. Yet, it is so hard to actually live because the imagination is a powerful challenge to overcome. Ideas and ideals that cloud the truth can be the real dragon to slay now. They all seem genuine, but are they? What do we think we must be to be valuable and loved? Perfect?

Acceptance for who we are needs to be in place to enter into connection again. And this includes acceptance of where other people are. The outsider rejects just as much as it’s rejected. And it is quite necessary in an individuation phase to leave the established truths to avoid being too influenced. This particular New Moon talks about integrating back into society again, this time with a fuller expression. That which we have realized will have to be tested in actual life. Life in the woods, in retreat, in solitude could very well be over. Life is calling us back.

As we move to Summer Solstice and the Sun cross into Cancer, the integration work really begins. The energy will calm down a little, and there will be time to digest all the intense experiences the last months provided. But until then, keep your energy balanced and your mind as clear as possible. Stay present, be awake, and keep it simple. Life happens now.

Sol W Jonassen

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