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New Moon 28º Taurus May 19, 2023


〰️ Find stillness 〰️

This New Moon closes the Eclipse Portal. Now, on the other side of Eclipse Season, we’re arriving at a lineup of planets in Taurus grander than any of us have ever experienced in this lifetime. Jupiter, the North Node of the Moon, Mercury, Uranus, the Sun, and the Moon are all aligned in the sign representing your ability to grasp your self-worth and value.

And that is precisely the emphasized growth lesson of this time, not just throughout this next lunar cycle but continuing through the next twelve months while Jupiter transits Taurus for the next year. So what then, we may ask, does Taurus come to teach? Know your value, your worth, and your excellence! Because, basically, your survival depends on it.

The zodiac is a calendar charting time through cycles and stages of growth. So let’s take a look at the last few months. In Pisces, we had the opportunity to face deep wounds, heal, and let go. In Aries, we sought new ways to reframe and find ourselves. And now, in Taurus, it’s about deepening into your worthiness; to exist, to take up space, to express, to have, to give, and to receive from life, of life, and to life. Taurus represents survival and the fundamental requirements necessary in this physical world as a basic human right.

As the wheel turns, from out of the cosmic womb of Pisces, we are born from the etheric realms into a body, into Aries. In Aries, we learn about defining ourselves through a developing identity and following instinctual desires that lead to an experience of ourselves and life. Next, when we arrive at the stage of Taurus, here the focus is on consolidating energy inward and grounding into a stable sense of self.

Taurus is all about self-knowing centered on a deep inner connection with oneself. Taurus does not look outward for approval or validation. Taurus looks deep within to find what it is looking for and hence what it needs. However, no man is an island, and eventually, we need to connect deeply with others (Taurus’s opposite – Scorpio). But at this crucial Taurus stage, we prepare for the success of relationships that we learn are entirely dependent on the success of our own relationship with ourselves.

The shadow of Taurus can be materialism and greed. However, the real divine intent is about learning the correct use of the material world, people and the Earth included. Here we must understand the benefit and the necessity of having resources to be supported by in life. Taurus teaches the value of self-preservation, self-sufficiency, and self-sustainability. To conserve, protect, and value oneself and one’s resources.

This is a Venus sign, and thus it is all about beauty and artistry and seeing that we are all valuable works of art deserving to be honored and cared for as such! But without healing and healthy states of mind to conceive of the immense beauty that exists here, there is suffering, poverty, struggle, and the trauma that comes from not being in touch with one’s innate worthiness.

Taurus represents the spectrum from the basic human needs of survival to the most delicious and luxurious life offers. It contains the potential of gross deprivation up to ultimate comfort. It’s all here to be experienced, and at the root of it all is the confrontation with our relationship to self-worth and what we give value to in this life.

May all beings find their capacity to live in a state of love and know their own great worth.

Jessica Dawn

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