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New Moon 4º Virgo August 27, 2022


〰️ Wholeness 〰️

We’ve entered the “active” period of the lunar cycle, as symbolized by the crescent moon now building into its eventual fullness. The following two weeks leading up to the Full Moon represent growth as we nurture our gardens and the new seeds of consciousness that came through during the past couple of weeks.

Being actively engaged in the growth process and your creative projects are now essential; it’s the waxing phase. As we too are pulled like the tides by the force of the growing Moon, we get to savor (if you so choose) watching the luscious fruits of our labor ripen before our eyes! So here we are.

It’s a highly Mercurial time (with Mars now also in Gemini) where things like books, writing, learning, sharing perspective, and all things mentally engaging can very well be what’s most inspiring. It’s a time to open the mind and to expand into more.

If we consider that time is a cyclical process of phases and stages of growth and development, then we can consider that we are constantly being cycled through various rites of passage upon our own journey. Initiated, consecrated, sanctified, and purified by life. From one lunar cycle to the next, from one solar month to the next, we continue to graduate on to the next level.

We’ve entered Virgo Season, and this New Moon in Virgo has come to remind us of the sacred. Virgo’s sweet spot is found in the act and the prayerful state of devotion. Through it, all life lives, and all life is given.

The Virgo stage carries us into the depths of personal self-awareness, where a fearless critical eye takes a good look at the self and then at every little thing that makes up her environment! Looking for imperfections and corrections can be made anywhere, all to reach the essential desire Virgo lives for, which is to attain a state of Well-Being. Working towards complete and total harmony and wholeness within and without, and even for purity if possible. However ineffective of a chore this may appear, as we know we humans live in the paradox of being perfectly imperfect beings. Still, to her, it is worth every bit of the ceaseless effort she has to offer because there is nothing more inspiring or meaningful than devotion itself.

Virgo can turn the most mundane into a holy task and, in turn, be viscerally devastated by an act of desecration to the temple of herself or another. The heart of this archetype is all about self-love, recognizing the immensity of your unique value and worth, and the profound power of tender loving care and service. Lessons we all must integrate.

Here we are granted deeper awareness of our relationship and connection to the body and our relationship with our minds. We are what we eat and consume, not just physically but mentally, emotionally, visually, and sexually. It all becomes us. Discernment is a byproduct of having a healthy focus on the details and ingredients in your world, leading to a deeper understanding of what is right and what is not suitable for you.

We’re called now to sink deeper into self-inquiry and to pay closer attention within and without. These are the Feng Shui artist of the zodiac. During the Virgo Season, it’s a perfect time to clear space and clean out your home, body, and mind.

Build a shrine to that which you honor, desire, and dream of! Miracles and blessings are cultivated in devotion.

Sincerely, Jessica

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