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New Moon 5º Leo July 28, 2022


〰️ Regeneration & relevance 〰️

The New Moon in Leo at 5°39 the 28th opens up an incredibly juicy lunar month filled with sudden twists and turns and plots that thickens. It is creative combustion designed to take your life to the next level, and hopefully, you are willingly moving along with the flow.

The whole month of Leo is under the umbrella of Uranus, the planet of liberation, set to take over the show thanks to his current nesting on the transiting North Node in Taurus. Uranus is no easy player, and to live life is not for those who refuse to participate. As Leo deals with the force of life itself, the very joie the vivre, the reason to get out of bed, and the gist that makes your mane flow, it also abhors anything that is not life. Life is being here now, breathing fully, and expressing ourselves authentically. Fire itself is not ready to accept boring routines and meaningless jobs. When fire is not set free, it collapses in on itself, creating a certain melancholic depression.

But in order to live who we are and, at the same time, dance around the dance of others, we need to have been seen. And to be seen, we have to be willing to be visible. And herein lies the challenge. We enter the stage free from conditioned guilt and shame, and if there ever was a time to do so, it is now!

It is not random that C.S Lewis, who wrote the famed books about Narnia, chose the Lion to be the Creative force behind existence. The mane represents the radiant life of the Sun, and if we examine the star we call the Sun, we understand that once there was light, it came out of basically nothing. One day it just started to shine. And the planets cropped up in orb around it, and here we are. Us. Humans. Born and bred of light. So the light is life, and without this light, we find no real life. We are like flowers needing light, and in a material world, the gravity of our basic needs sometimes eclipses the capacity to feel this light.

As we move deeper into Leo Land, we might get glimpses of what makes us tick. Uranus will open that Pandora’s box and reveal to us all the detours our lives have taken and where we need to liberate ourselves to get back into tune with our spirit.

And even though the Sun one day, far, far in the future, will die or morph into another state, it is still regenerative and relevant. And here are the two buzzwords of the month: regeneration and relevance. Every day the Sun gets up and grows a little wiser and older. But it shows up. Every day. Like a beating heart not ready to stop yet.

It is spirit.

Ceres is also in Leo and reminds us that we cannot do anything but stay relevant by constantly readjusting and redefining who we are and what makes our hearts sing. Unless we don’t want to live, of course, and we only cling on to the many yesterdays of our memories, hoping for some status quo to occur if we only control things right.

But that is not where life is. Life demands more courage. And especially on rocky and unsteady ground. It tends to get a bit wobbly when Uranus takes over the show, and the only sane advice is to put one foot ahead of the other and not fly off into the future and wishful or fearful thinking. Evolution moves fast now, and as Ceres constantly reminds earthlings that greed is only a substitute for real nourishment, this month will most certainly deliver the message to humanity. Leave the FOMO and start appreciating who you are. You are seen, and you are nourished. Be that flower!

Saturn is also a prominent player this month as one after the other of the Leo planets oppose him, reminding us that integrity is still our most valuable asset in the spiritual weighing. Walk the talk and keep to our honor and principles as human beings. As we now are clearing out the basement for residue trauma signatures and opening up for more authentic relating and expression, something’s gotta give. Let it be gone. Regenerate and be relevant. A no human being on repeat can do that. Only a shining light of life can do that. This is the way to show up in the world.

Full on Leo Magic! See and be seen!

Sol W Jonassen

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