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New Moon 7º Cancer June 28, 2022


〰️ Inner safety 〰️

As we welcome a New Moon in Cancer, we are looking forward to a lunar month where we feel much more in tune with our emotional bodies. Cancer is a water sign, and water is our capacity to feel ourselves. To feel everything is part of the journey toward higher consciousness and whether we like it or not, a lot of what we hide from ourselves is our true feelings. It is easy to deny our emotional needs in a world that tends to appreciate toughness and not vulnerability.

But the softness that is Cancer is needed in our lives. It is there, in the womb of our own inner waters, that we get a glimpse into what we need and what we don’t need, and since we are now deep into the Nodal Axis’ journey through Taurus-Scorpio, the South Node in Scorpio reminds us that there are underlying reasons for our attachments that might not always be healthy. We might feel ourselves repeating the same patterns of relating as our parents taught us. The Scorpio South Node reveals exactly where you have been lacking internal power and how that, in turn, made you compromise that very part that is Cancer; your own truthful, honest needs.

This is a very dynamic month when it comes to self-exploration.
Saturn is still working the Nodal Axis from a square in Aquarius, and now he is retrograde, going over something that happened the past months and fine-tuning the understanding. Saturn is a planet that invites responsible action. If you put yourself in a bad situation, Saturn will remind you that it was you who created that bit. You might have felt pulled in due to the Scorpionic hunger for power, love, or opportunity, and right now, the arrow is pointing inward so that you can see exactly why you got funneled into that type of situation. Or might still be there.

There is a contrast happening between the Sun, Lilith, and Ceres in Cancer and Jupiter, Chiron, and Eris, all in Aries, who will be squaring the very feminine and protective qualities of Cancer, one by one, causing a bit of a stir. The New Moon starts with a Sun-Moon square Jupiter adding a spicy and emotional twist to our month ahead. People are ready to fight, and this is the archetype of the Great Mother vs. the somewhat aggressive Soldier that is Aries. The fight for human rights and to be sovereign when it comes to your own body can erupt. Anything that smells of abuse in any way or form will be felt deeply.

Energy never lies, and this constant, ongoing battle on Earth can strain the Solar Plexus preventing healthy digestion of life. Things might feel stuck or tense, and the underlying reasons will be visible one by one as the Sun squares Chiron and the Moon is deep into South Node-Scorpio territory on the 8th of July. Uranus is on the North Node, pushing us to liberation from anything that holds us down or makes us sick. And Sun square Chiron is a careful whisper to be humble of our capacity, no matter how strong we feel.

Cancer can say: “I am not feeling it, so, therefore, it is a no.” That loyalty to yourself is admirable and, for some, very difficult. To be willing to feel and to take those feelings seriously. The feminine is very precise when it comes to knowing when something is off. This is the month to listen to your intuitions, take your feelings seriously, and use them as a navigational tool for social and intimate relationships. Cancer, in its pure form, would never lie to itself. Cancer listens to the gut feeling and orients in the world in a more self-preserving mode, and the great influx of Aries helps us to heal the authenticity of our voices.

The last days of Cancer, from the 17th to the 22nd, are looking to be very intense. First, the Sun squares Eris, kicking off the very feisty, no filter-Eris vibe. Anger can surge. And it does not get any lighter as the Sun-Ceres conjunction opposes Pluto. This is a transition. A calling from the deep of the Soul to accept change, to go with it and let whatever comes up to the surface be precisely that; Something that surfaces, and it is good that it does, albeit a tad intense.

In January 2020, there was a new conjunction between Sun-Ceres, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn, catapulting the world into the huge Covid Drama. Now, on the 22nd of July, these two make a new conjunction in the opposite sign, Cancer opposite Pluto. So something is cooking, and it might be that there will be a resurgence of high Covid numbers and that this might challenge our capacity to feel safe.

Pluto is back to the famous 27th degree of Capricorn as well. This is the second time of the exact return of Pluto to the US’ astrology chart, and it sets the focus on both global and national challenges that comes in the karmic path of the first Pluto return ever for the USA as a nation. This return points to a zeitgeist, a spirit of our time, that is destined to cause a stir deep into the structure in which the modern, industrialized human being is trying to survive. With these deep themes cooking, it will be a welcomed shift to greet the Sun into Leo on the 23rd, forming a beautiful New Moon there on the 28th of July, reminding us to use our hearts, find faith in our gifts and return to Love. Always return to Love. That is where life is.

So it is an intense month ahead of us, and the best thing you can do is stay grounded in your sense of Self and never let go of it. Inner safety is the theme. There is always a haven to return to. Your home. Your sacred Womb. The place of true nurturance.

Sol W Jonassen

Sol will break down this month’s lunar cycle into weekly and daily aspects for students of the New Paradigm School of Astrology. It is a group of folks deeply interested in spreading awareness, healing, and harmony using the powerful medicine of star wisdom.

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