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New Moon at 12º Scorpio Nov 4, 2021


〰️ Freedom of Expression and Liberation of Consciousness 〰️

Let us welcome the new Moon in Scorpio with an inquisitive mind and open heart ready to transform ourselves, our relationships, and our world. This new Moon is seven minutes away from being exactly opposite the planet of inventive genius, Uranus. It heralds a month of invention, innovation, and radical change as established, conventional approaches and solutions to our problems are challenged, rewired, and updated with the latest cosmic version of potential “reality.” As we are all becoming more aware of with each published article, video, and newscast, we live in a dualistic, polarized, physical world where opposites coexist. As such, we will be seeing and feeling both exciting gains and devastating losses, victories, defeats, joy and sorrow, all of which are in direct proportion to our willingness to let go of our old established means of security and embrace the as yet unknown future.

The archetype of Scorpio, Pluto, and the 8th house is one wherein the separate, individual self, realized through Leo, Virgo, and Libra, is transformed through union with forces beyond its control into a metamorphosed (as in unrecognizable) new, expanded expression. 

Put into a context of everyday reality, this is a time where the old solutions, patterns, security structures, relationships, and social institutions will be challenged to either “bump up” to the next level by incorporating new evolutionary impulses, or be destroyed, removed, end or die. 

In most cases, there is some of both. Old habitual responses, strategies, and systems that no longer work are “re-engineered,” which involves several steps. First, a new goal or anticipated future is realized, envisioned, or wells up from within. Second, the aspects of the current system that are inhibiting, blocking or stopping that vision from occurring need to be identified. Third, newly designed “parts” need to be created (the vision needs to be brought down out of the imagination into applicable form). Fourth, the old needs to be replaced with the new. The more the process is desired and cooperatively embraced by all members, or “parts,” of the system, be it a relationship, institution, or nation, the more peaceful, smooth, and healthy the “upgrade” will be.

That Saturn, the planet of cautious and conservative boundaries and laws established by external authority, is in square to the Sun, Moon, Uranus, and approaching Mars, indicates that formidable resistance to, and fear of change, both within and without, needs to be met and dealt with as part of the alchemical union/transformational process. In other words, both personally and collectively, this will be a month to recognize and confront deeply rooted ego fears around loss, betrayal, abandonment, and neglect as part of the healing, empowering evolution into the Age of Aquarius. We will either rebel against our own inner limiting fears and beliefs, instigating internal change, against partnerships and relationships limiting our free expression, or against public/political figures or institutions for the same reasons. These manifestations will be happening throughout this lunar cycle but come in/on with a bang the first week of November.

Of course, my old adage of “Either be a force of change or be forced to change” also applies here. You may not actively engage in any form of rebellion over the next month, preferring the path of least resistance, compliance, and convenience, and continue to seek security in the old familiar beliefs, relationships, and activities.

In this case, Uranus, the planet of your own personal unconscious, will work covertly through projection. Your own inner limiting fears and beliefs may result in ill health, your partner(s) may surprise you with sudden changes in their attitudes, beliefs, actions, and desires, and/or external authority figures, bosses, politicians, or institutions may announce radical, extreme, mandates that upset the status quo, and serve to shock us into an awareness of rights, needs, and expectations that have been taken for granted that now need to be re-evaluated, adjusted, initiated, or stopped so that greater freedom of expression and liberation of consciousness may emerge.

As the month progresses, Mercury joins the Sun and Mars in Scorpio, Neptune stations direct, and Venus heads into Capricorn, where she will remain until March 7 of next year (just over four months)! These transits, along with others too numerous to mention here, reflect a deep need on the part of all of us to reflect upon, deepen, and bring our worldly actions and affairs into alignment with our highest ideals and moral standards. Personally and collectively, it is time to decide our “fate” and to make big decisions that will set our future course and reverberate for many years to come

There is a somber heaviness present within this time period as we meet our dragons and realize the enormity of the situation and the very real consequences of choices we need to make affecting ourselves and others, in some cases, for the rest of our lives.

During these deep, darkening days, it is helpful to keep our mind’s eye focused on the endpoint of enlightened, loving connection with all our relations and Gaia.  It can be likened to digging in the dirt to form and prepare to pour a concrete foundation in preparation for our new home. It is hard, tedious work that is necessary and must be done well for the rest of the project to succeed. We start in some ways, from scratch. Drive a stake into the ground, use a compass and string and measuring tape, lay it out, dig, and go over it as many times as necessary before pouring the concrete, which, once set up, is what we’re going to build on and live with for a long, long time. It can be backbreaking work as rocks, roots, and clay can require extra time and effort. 

This is not a time to be gambling, scheming, or looking for shortcuts as there aren’t any, and attempts to skirt the issues will result in further delays and failures. We need to face, confront, and master what we may have been avoiding, denying, or ignoring for a long time. Remember that blessings come in many disguises, it’s all growth, and life never gives us more than our soul wants in order to grow and evolve. As we take the red pill, let’s remember that a future based upon truth and integrity is a future that is sustainable, nourishing, supportive, and worth the effort. A future foundation built upon illusions, naïve assumptions, and self-deception will result in further hardship, pain, repetition, tedium, and damage to ourselves, others, life on earth, and earth herself.  

Much of the above can be summarized in the Sabian symbol for this month’s new Moon at 12° h 40,’ and its interpretation by Dane Rudhyar from his book “An Astrological Mandala.” (PDF available for download here):

An inventor performs a laboratory experiment.
Keynote: The driving urge toward achievement, which is at the root of civilization.

At whatever level, the development of more complete and efficient forms of social interplay – the essence of the process of civilization – demands ingenuity, inventiveness, and the willingness to experiment within relatively secure test conditions. One must try to go to the roots of problems of interpersonal or international relations, as well as to discover the principles controlling the interaction between material particles and larger bodies. Modern technology is only one approach to an immensely complex problem. 

Intuition is as necessary to success as intellectual analysis.

This is the third stage of the forty-fifth sequence of five symbols. 

The symbol stresses the value of individual initiative, perseverance, and caution in any attempt to understand how everything is related to everything else. What is most needed is the ABILITY TO RELATE SEEMINGLY UNRELATED FACTS.”

In summary, this is a month of profound change and reorganization that involves confronting all forms of resistance to the evolution of our souls. Whether this resistance manifests as ignorance, greed, possessiveness, jealousy, revenge, animosity, envy, exploitation, manipulation, and/or coercion, we must dig down deep within ourselves to summon up the strength and courage needed to “root out” the dis-ease, clean out the wound, and initiate new forms of healing that spiritual growth may occur. 

Our guidance and assistance through this process is the knowledge that we are one with Source, an extension of Source, and as such, we need to trust ourselves and our intuition throughout. 

We must wake up from the Piscean dream that “love will find a way” to BE and ACT as the force of love. Recognizing that love is not a passive acceptance of all that is, so much as a creative impulse to reunite all the seemingly unrelated aspects of ourselves and the universe to experience the ONENESS OF ALL LIFE consciously.

PS: I will be posting a video that will RELATE SEEMINGLY UNRELATED FACTS during this lunar cycle. Stay tuned!

So Much Love,

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