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New Moon at 14º Libra Oct 6, 2021

by Kaypacha

〰️ Freedom of Self-expression 〰️

Welcome the New Moon in Libra, conjunct not only the Sun but Mars!  Get ready for an action-packed month that will be a game changer on many different levels, as we are all very different people! Libra begins the second half of the zodiacal journey as our hero/heroine emerges out of self-identification and preparation to meet “the other.” 

We can each only do so much alone, see so much alone, and manifest so much of our destiny alone. Libra begins the process of socialization through which we experience our unconscious projections mirrored back to us through external reality. This will lead to many “Ah ha!” moments, both pleasant and perhaps not.

In addition to the power packed new Moon, this month heralds Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, all stationing and going direct, three of which have been retrograde for around six months. There’ll be a little bit of a pause, like when you are backing up a car and change from reverse into drive, and we will all start moving forward again, initially over some ground we have already covered at the beginning of the year. 

It will be time to turn around, stop looking back, and start looking forward if you don’t want to run into something!

We have an interesting order of planets these days wherein first the Moon (right now), then the Sun, Mars, and Mercury will first inconjunct Neptune, then trine Jupiter, and then square Pluto (opposing Eris), in rapid succession as these are close in degrees. For those so attuned, this can symbolize a spiritual opening followed by expansive opportunity, leading to a breaking away from old patterns and outdated social norms, rules, judgments, and restrictions. 

The path of liberation this month looks to involve a freedom of self-expression within the container of relationship, including intimate personal relationships, family and community, as well as the global family accessed through social media.

With each person functioning as a mirror revealing to us our subconscious tendencies, desires, beliefs, and hopes, we can gain a tremendous amount of material to process as the Sun proceeds into Scorpio (maybe even a little too much). Interesting that the Sabian symbol for this new Moon is “In the heat of the noon hour a man takes a siesta,” with a keynote of “The need for recuperation within the social pattern of everyday activity.” Dane Rudyhar describes this energy saying, “At the emotional-cultural level man today is not able to sustain constant activity. There must be rest periods, siestas, or coffee breaks, during which the individual withdraws within his own sphere of selfhood, not only for physical relaxation but for slowing the strange but evidently necessary play of dream fantasies… This symbol can be seen as emphasizing the need for techniques of RELAXATION, and the need to allow the functions of body and psyche to “digest,” free from external pressures, the complex experiences of social living, and particularly of business.”

This symbol re-emphasizes our need to balance the scales of Libra’s social interaction with that of personal self-exploration and internal processing. 

Like picking the ripe apples from the tree of society and bringing them home to make some good apple pie, we can best be nourished by discriminately receiving the best others have to offer, mulling it over, and applying what can enhance and improve our lives and the lives of those we love.  If we can manage to both extend and expand ourselves “outside,” while maintaining our inner core truth, this can be a beautiful month of cultivating (maybe initiating or discovering) warmth, depth, and love within new and existing relationships. 

In addition, for those needing to let go and move on from existing relationships in order to more fully express themselves, this month supports harmonious resolutions to complex interpersonal dynamics. Just take that gear shift out of reverse and throw it into drive without forgetting to press the clutch!

So Much Love,

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