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New Moon at 14º Virgo Sep 6, 2021

by Kaypacha

〰️ The Future is born out of the Past 〰️

The future is born out of the past, and the present is where they collide! Right now, we are experiencing a new Moon in Virgo, which is born out of Leo and heading into Libra. The Sun can be likened to the vehicle traveling through a varied landscape that is described by the outer planets. The Sun is our sovereign, special, and unique creative purpose in life, and it never stops shining its light and dispersing the darkness.

Let’s first look at the surrounding landscape. The current atmospheric pressure is intense, with Pluto, the autocrat, still slowly moving through bureaucratic Capricorn imposing an increasing number of demands upon the population of planet earth. That along with Saturn, the very principle of separation, inching his way through the social sign of Aquarius, the builder of cooperative groups, creates an overall energetic of isolation, loneliness, and powerlessness when coupled with Chiron, our wound, moving slowly through Aries, the sign of will and self-empowerment.

These limiting, binding energies are being challenged by revolutionary, inventive Uranus cruising through Taurus, highlighting our need for new ways of surviving, new coping mechanisms, and perhaps rebellion against suppression. Jupiter too, in the later degrees of Aquarius, heralds’ breakthroughs and liberation through enlightened group efforts, while Neptune in Pisces shines the everlasting love light of hope and faith in the unity and oneness of all life.

Onto this stage, we come roaring out of Leo, full of ourselves, our purpose, and creative expression, to the extent that we have found it. This is an important point. You cannot give something you don’t have, and if we have followed instead of led, if we have succumbed and relinquished our sovereignty, we enter this Virgo phase severely handicapped. For Virgo is the tumbler that polishes the stone, the sculpture that molds the clay.
If there is no stone or clay, there won’t be much to offer, serve, give, or attract relationship (Libra), and our Virgo artist may self-blame or blame the other for having nothing to work with.
We can liken this upcoming month to the beginning of a prom, ball, or dance. In the next couple of weeks, we are at home getting ready, showering, combing, pruning, and preening as we get dressed up in our best.

We then arrive at the event and all sit in a circle of chairs with an empty dance floor before the band begins to play. We survey our surroundings, some folks we know, and some are new. We look for a potential dance partner as we scan the circle.

Here is where the past meets the future, and any outcome is possible. Some of us will enter that circle fussily, nose up, expecting to be chosen or to have our pick of the best. Others will feel shy, small, intimidated, uncomfortable, and wish they had worn something different, more attractive, or better.
Some will sit up, ready to charge over to a potential partner before anyone else can seize them. Others will slink down in their chair, look at their shoes, not wanting eye contact or being chosen at all. Some will know how to dance, have been to many, and know all the ropes and tricks, while others may be new, feel clumsy and embarrassed.

One way or another, life right now is bringing us all into greater self-awareness of our strengths and challenges, our medicine and our wounds, through the process of socialization.

As Mars enters Libra and Venus enters Scorpio early on in the cycle, they will remain in what astrologers call a “mutual reception” for the remainder of the lunation. With Mercury in Libra and the Sun entering on the equinox, the thrills of victory and the agonies of defeat will be played out on the stage of our relationships.
Superficial, deep, business, romantic, teacher, student, doctor, patient, it doesn’t matter. Regardless of our relationship status on social media, we are not, and very few can exist alone and independent of the goods, services, love, affection, passion, and support of “the other.”

So, the astrology will not tell you what is going to happen. That is not its purpose or role. Instead, it will say that it is time. It is time to bring yourself to the table, step up to the plate (as in baseball when it is your turn to bat), and enter the relationship field. It will be different for everyone (as seen in your birth chart), but some common challenges will be shared. As with most other things, the “middle way” will create less havoc. Overpowering the other out of a need to dominate or fear of losing our own tenuous identity or shyly submitting and allowing our unique purpose to fall aside as others take control of our lives will both experience failure.

During this and next month’s lunar cycles, the energy will be building as the outer planets turn direct and the Sun heads into transformative Scorpio. It is best now to pick your partners, your mates, your helpers, supporters, teachers, and students of like mind.
With a spirit of cooperation, listening, and compromise, powerful relationships can be forged that will serve all members involved as the future heats up. United we stand, divided we fall. I encourage you to take the opportunity now to stand up, as “imperfect,” or “not ready,” as you may feel, and dance the dance of life. You’ll be glad you did.

So Much Love,

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