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New Moon Eclipse 29º Aries Apr 19, 2023


〰️ Pit stop 〰️

The Sabian Symbol for the Total Solar Eclipse at 29 Aries 50’ on April 19-20, 2023 (depending on your geographical location) is: “A duck pond and its brood”
KEYNOTE: “The realization of natural boundaries.”

“What is shown here is that every form of activity has its limits and that even the consciousness that has been able to get a glimpse of universal order has to bring down to its own “karmic” field of operation the message of harmony it has heard inwardly. Peace and inner contentment with one’s essential destiny (dharma) are required to meet the everyday world. The mystic may experience flights of imagination and transcendent vision, but he must return to the concrete earth and his task in his social environment. Extensive as the latter may seem, it is still very small compared to the galactic field; it is indeed a duck pond compared to the ocean. But it is there that the substance for concrete action has to be found, and every effective activity has to be focused; thus, the boundaries imposed by the very nature of this activity have to be consciously accepted… Power must accept the principle of FOCALIZATION.”1

The message of this eclipse is relevant for this entire lunar cycle and, as all eclipse do, sets the tone for the next six months. Beyond that, it speaks to us of knowing our boundaries and, by doing so, points our attention to Saturn, who will be transiting Pisces for the next three years. Saturn, or Chronos, as both the “Lord of Karma” and the ruler of this time-space 3D material world, constantly reminds us that we all have limits, need boundaries, and function within a limited reality.

Since January 22nd, all the planets have been in direct motion. This lunar cycle will see both Mercury and Pluto stationing retrograde. The energy can be likened to a car race where everyone has been going forward vying for first place but now needs a pit stop, some new tires, maybe some oil, gas, or more. As Mercury retrogrades starting the 21st at fifteen degrees Taurus and goes back to five, we will all be afforded the opportunity to rethink, rewrite, and re-envision plans, relationships, values, finances, and goals that have been coming up since he first passed 5 degrees on April 7th. Some of the same themes you have been dealing with lately will require further attention/modification.

On the heels of the eclipse (even at the time of the eclipse), the Sun will square Pluto just as he enters Taurus, followed by Jupiter entering Taurus on May 16th. All these transits point to a period of slowing down, turning inward, and working on developing existing and new skill sets, self-improvement, and self-reliance. It’s not that the race is over. Indeed, it may feel like everything is going full steam ahead and out of our control, but we, as human, feeling, physical beings, require some care, attention, and nurturing.

This would be much more easily accomplished if Black Moon Lilith in Leo, Mars in Cancer, and the south node in Scorpio were not calling out “More, More, More!” There is great conflict possible during this time period if we as individuals, banks, corporations, or countries do not heed the call for restraint and reflection but plunge along, headfirst, in a capitalistic fashion for more territory, market share, profit, power, and control. On a personal level, this can lead to domestic strife, relationship blowups, and friction, while on a national or global level, fierce competition, corruption, greed, and war.

In every cycle, there is a waxing and a waning, and increasing and decreasing, an inhale and an exhale. Saturn in Pisces is a BIG exhale. In many ways, we are getting back what we have put out, harvesting what we have sown and tended, and seeing the results of our efforts for better or worse. There is a time of action, outward momentum, and building, followed by a time of return and reflection, which leads to a greater understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Contemplating the effects, products, and impact of our efforts leads to wisdom. Without it, we remain fools.

So, let’s look at the bright side of knowing our limits. First and foremost is our physical, emotional, and mental health. We all know that stress is the leading cause of all illness, but rather than blame others or the world for our stress, Lilith in Leo is reminding us that part of ourselves may feel like we are giving, giving, giving when in fact, we are taking, taking, taking. So, let us pause and use this time to balance giving and taking in all our relationships, including those between ourselves and the world. There is gold to be found in digging down to discover exactly what motivates us to do what we do, ask for what we ask for, expect what we expect, and give what we give.

Then there is quality versus quantity. Any doctor will give better care to twenty patients a day than they would to one hundred. Any house painter will do better on one house a month versus ten. As our Sabian symbol reminds us, FOCUS, along with concentration, care, and love, will create a better outcome than rushed, greedy, driven, thoughtless action. Saturn is also the planet of growth, which comes through time and brings maturity. Let us take this time for ourselves, check our tires, tune ourselves up, and then get back on the track. We may even find that we were on the wrong track in the wrong race and make BIG changes for the better.

Blessings on your pit stop!

So Much Love,

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