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New Moon in Cancer July 9, 2021

by Kaypacha

〰️ Inner Sacred Marriage 〰️

After a tough month that began with a new Moon solar eclipse in Gemini, we can all look forward to a break! The Moon rules Cancer, and she is big, warm, and fuzzy at home in her own sign for this new Moon occurring at 18° 02.’ With the Sabian symbol being “A priest performing a marriage ceremony,” who knows, maybe she’ll contemplate uniting with her complementary luminary, the Sun! It’s interesting that shortly after this new Moon we have a Venus/Mars conjunction in Leo with the Sabian symbol of “Zuni Indians perform a ritual to the Sun.” 

Both these symbols speak to the act (or art) of sanctification, performing rituals that invite us to raise our earthly consciousness to the sacred.

Whether it is the love of a person for another person or of a people to the wonders of the natural world, rituals are an ancient, revered means of taking something out of the ordinary, imbuing it with spiritual purpose and intention, and thereby proclaiming it as special, unique, and possessing lasting significance.

Having these two events occur in such proximity both time-wise and in space (Cancer and Leo are adjacent signs) begs the question: “What is sacred to me?”

“What in my life do I wish to devote, offer, give, or sanctify?” This is an excellent period for self-inquiry and self-inventory. Cancer feels deeply into her inner sanctuary, and Leo takes pride in what has been discovered and seeks to share it. By the end of this cycle, Venus and Mars have both progressed into Virgo, who will use the gifts that have been discovered for integration and healing.

Let’s face it. We have all been affected by this tug-of-war between the conservative and the radical, the past and future, the establishment and the rebels.

This Saturn square Uranus, occurring as it is within the fixed cross, has put pressure upon each of us, individually (Leo), to find our CORE, our truth, our unique purpose/path lest we be swallowed by one “side” or the other. It has been challenging and stressful to witness the pull of the opposites, the torment of social disorder, and the many voices of dissent. Yet, these have been as whetstones upon which to sharpen our swords of truth, that we may now go forward in authenticity to express who we truly are despite opposition, ridicule, judgment, exclusion, or shaming.

This lunar cycle will bring us the opportunity to shine in our own right, our own light. As our feminine, Venusian natures and masculine Martian natures have gone through the blacksmith’s hammer opposing Saturn, they now rise, united and christened. To look across toward Zeus (Jupiter transiting the very cusp of Pisces/Aquarius), pouring out his acknowledgment for all we have been through and the well-deserved blessings he shall thus bestow upon us. Of course, this is not to say that all strife will come to an end. But those who have used these past challenges to clarify for themselves their true nature and purpose will rise and sound the trumpets. Proclaiming that their inner sacred marriage work has resulted in the union of Soul with Self and that now realized, will be celebrated and give rise to a new dawn.

Venus and Mars followed by the Moon, Sun, and finally Mercury, through the royal palace of Leo shall feast, gratefully honoring the natural world and her wild, fierce, free spirit. Thus, the power of passion, the heat of desire, and the strength of will, once combined and united, shall sow, water, tend, and rejoice in the harvest of bounty brought forth as the result of jubilant, cooperative effort.

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained” can, with the right attitude, sacred intention, and force of will, emerge onto the planetary stage as “Everything ventured, everything gained!”

So Much Love

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