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New Moon in Virgo
Sep 17-24, 2020

Here’s the lunar forecast for the week ahead. The Lunar Planner is one of many membership benefits for the New Paradigm Community. We’re making it public this month, as we are reshaping, enjoy!

New Moon in Virgo | Sep 17-24, 2020

It takes 29.53 days for the Moon to orbit the Earth and go through the lunar cycle of all 8 Moon phases. These Lunar Planners you’ve been receiving from us are precisely what Kaypacha mentioned in his recent Pele Report when he said that the Moon visits all signs and touches all the planets every month.


Thursday, September 17 (New Moon Day)

On this day, we enter the New Moon phase, which is when the Moon in Virgo will be in a perfect conjunction with the Sun in Virgo, both occupying the same ecliptic longitude, at 25 degrees.

Our beautiful satellite is not present in the night sky during the New Moon phase because it rises and sets with the Sun. The New Moon cycle usually invites us to scale down, rest, and come to a state of stillness. The Yin, dark, feminine, and receptive forces of the night are at its peak. This is a time to recharge and prepare to handle what lies ahead in the immediate future. We will need this pause because a lot is going ON right now!

Virgo is an Earth sign. Therefore it’s focused on solutions, in what is real, and what is practical. Virgo is ruled by Mercury – the planet that rules the mind -, so at this time, we are prone to undergo a reality check and experience a highly critical and self-conscious drive to get things done right. Virgo is the “problem solver” stage of the Zodiac. The New Moon in Virgo, which occurs just once a year, points out what needs to be improved, organized, managed, in the physical and emotional levels. You may feel the call to organize your home, and maybe due to the current pandemic, organize your home office space (Virgo is about your workspace). This is the perfect moment to engage in making your home office a reflection of your inner world, which is what the Moon is all about.

Today Mercury is cruising through 17˚ Libra, Squaring Jupiter at 17˚ Capricorn. This is usually a positive transit, in that it makes you feel optimistic about your life. It’s a favorable time for most commercial transactions and business deals. But don’t be sloppy about details and inclined to overlook any elements that don’t fit neatly into your grand vision. There is also a danger that in communicating with others, you may adopt an arrogant or self-righteous tone that may alienate them and set them working against you. But the nature of this transit makes it relatively easy to correct these faults if you are aware of them.

This New Moon is also forming an opposition to Neptune at 19˚ Pisces, which could demand an extra dose of attention to keep track of all your Virgo-like projects, from daily routines to getting organized, problem-solving, running errands, etc. Forgetting to take care of details can be another expression of this opposition between dreamy Neptune and the Virgo New Moon. A positive expression for this opposition would be to organize your creative material or create a routine to engage in a hobby that requires some level of detail.

Venus at 12˚ Leo Squares Uranus at 10˚ Taurus. Today you seek excitement and stimulation. Even though this is a fast-moving transit, it can produce some exciting results. This is an excellent day to get things out in the open, where people may or may not reach an understanding. There is a tendency to flirt under this influence because Venus in Leo wants to feel courted, and Uranus, who is currently in Taurus, a sign ruled by Venus, is willing to grant her the thrill – as long as she is fully uncompromised.

Friday, September 18 

By Friday, the Moon moves into Libra, and the weekend brings a sense of relief to the overhaul tension that has been mounting between Mars Retrograde preparing to Square Saturn at (25˚ Capricorn), on September 30. 

The Moon moves through Libra, first touching Venus (13˚ Leo) through a Sextile, which is an excellent aspect to gather with friends or business partners for a happy hour. A few hours later, in the evening, she also conjuncts Mercury (18˚ Libra), enhancing your desire to engage in a harmonic conversation. What a great day to pamper yourself and, or prepare for a romantic evening with your beloved!

Saturday, September 19 

This Month’s Moon in Libra will again have to face the Capricorn Stellium in a T-Square. She, the Moon, is forming an opposition to Retrograde Mars at (27˚ Aries), and a Square to Jupiter (17˚), Saturn (25˚ R), and Pluto (22˚ R) – in the late degrees of Capricorn. Let me break down the significance of this T-Square for you!

First, let’s look at the opposition between the Moon in Libra and Mars in Aries. The Moon in Libra is willing to contemporize and make peace. Still, Mars retrograde is an indication that unresolved issues that were not taken care of on time (Virgo) will come back and claim your immediate attention. I assume that you can relate to an occasion when you went through a delay in perception, then suddenly you feel (Moon) that you should have said or done something, but you didn’t. It probably feels that you should go back to address that unresolved situation to release the internal tension. Libra is about diplomacy, so hopefully, the Moon will help Mars in Aries moderate his bluntness.

As if Squaring Mars wasn’t enough, the Moon in Libra is applying a Square to Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn. Unfortunately, none of these planets are willing to give up their power, except the Moon. The challenge here is that Jupiter wants to win, so does Saturn and Pluto! Thank goddess the Moon rules Estrogen and Progesterone, the two main female hormones, which balance the Testosterone prevalent in these 4 planets (Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto), which means that there may be an element of equilibrium amongst all this intensity.

Sunday, September 20  

Life is a journey, and there are some red flags ahead on the road: the Moon is traveling through Scorpio!!! My personal experience points out that the monthly transit of the Moon in Scorpio always brings an element of dramatic intensity. Even if it is not affecting you directly, I suggest that you observe what is going on with people and events around you. The Scorpio Moon will most likely leave a trace of turbulence somewhere, especially during the afternoon, when it forms an opposition to the unpredictable Uranus at 10˚ Taurus. Fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride.

This opposition brings me the image of those narrow roads on the Tibetan mountains, where you have the feeling that you are going to fall. On the one hand, you are mesmerized by the beauty of the challenge. On another, you’re terrified because the outcome of the ride is so profoundly unknown.

Monday, September 21  

The Moon remains in Scorpio until late evening. It will engage in a supportive sextile to Jupiter at 17˚ Capricorn, and a creative Trine with Neptune at 19˚ Pisces, within a couple hours apart. At these late degrees of Scorpio, the Moon is also bonding through a Sextile with Pluto at 22˚ Capricorn and Saturn at 25˚ Capricorn. Any remaining intensity tends to find an interesting expression.

Today Mercury is at 22˚ Libra, applying to an exact Square to Pluto at 22˚ Capricorn, while the Moon is still transiting Scorpio. If you have been reading my Lunar Planners, you know by now that I am always reminding you to take all your Astrological interpretations into a complexity context. Planets in aspect do create significant complexity. They overlap each other. They create layers of energy. They are fractals of Cosmic energy that bond and separate in an endless continuum. That’s the beauty of Astrology! Get used to working with the myriad of possibilities present in each changing pattern, because they are always unfolding in a framework of complexity.

Now, going back to Mercury in Libra, applying a Square to Pluto! I suggest that you think before you speak, because either you learn how to defend yourself from external attacks in full integrity without attacking back at anyone – the Buddhist way – or you will have to fight for your values with such intellectual intensity that it may cause rupture to your diplomatic Mercury in Libra skills, which could perpetuate a permanent fracture within the fabric of a particular relationship. I would not schedule any negotiations today.

Tuesday, September 22  

You finally wake up to the Moon galloping into Sagittarius, heralding a fun and productive day! Hey! It’s just a quick break!

I’d like to call your attention to the Quincunx that is happening between Venus at 17˚ Leo and Jupiter at 17˚ Capricorn. A Quincunx poses a challenge in the elemental blending of nature of the signs involved. In this case, Venus is in a Fire sign, and Jupiter is in an Earth sign. They are also in a different modality, Leo is Fixed, and Capricorn is Cardinal. This represents different drives, motivations. Therefore they clash. But Venus and Jupiter are so willing to produce positive results that they will find a way to collaborate with each other even in a tense aspect. I suggest that today you find a way to collaborate with someone despite any differences between you.

Wednesday, September 23  

I was not exploring Lilith at 26˚ Aries, but today we have to be alert because she is conjunct Mars Retrograde at 26˚ Aries down to the minute. How explosive is that? Very! They are – Lilith and Mars – just 1˚ apart from a Square to Saturn at 25˚ Capricorn. I don’t want to sound the alarm, but this is dangerous! Can you avoid confrontations? You have to try because the outcome is definitely one that will not be positive to anyone! The International Political scene is ballistic! Blood is boiling! Tempers are untempered. These three are merciless. Play safe, and stay safe! Do NOT take risks during this transit. 

Mercury at 24˚ Libra is finally engaged in a smooth Trine to the North Node of the Moon (The Head of the Dragon) at 24˚ Gemini, which promises minimum protection to your mental sanity amidst all these super intense planetary battles that we are witnessing. I see it as a gap of opportunity to breathe and plan the next move. Seriously, this is almost like a truce in a war. It’s a fight for your emotional and physical survival. The North Node in Gemini is spreading fractions of information (Conspiracy Theories). It’s up to you to travel back to the South Node in Sagittarius and ask your ancestors how they have survived times of such intensity. But, with anything Gemini, even the answers are dubious and uncertain. You’ve been studying Astrology, so it’s time to use your Intuition!

Let’s remember that Neptune is at 19˚ Pisces, which is also Squaring the Nodes, so we are observing how many people are being “captured” by the spread of Fake News and Conspiracy Theories which they embrace as their ultimate truth. We are seeing the resurgence of Political Cults, where White Supremacists conquer the heart and minds of millions of people, destroying the old system through chaos and fear. Just like it happened back in the Roman Empire and during Nazi Germany.

The downside of Sagittarius is that they can embrace conservatism and religious dogma as their truth in life. They will defend their belief system with such blindness that you even question why Jupiter was designated to rule Sagittarius. Sagittarius is about laws and dogmas… They may defend anything “in God’s name,” usually an almighty God with full powers to unleash his judgemental finger upon YOU!

Thursday, September 24  

Then on Thursday, the Moon moves into Capricorn. The Capricorn Moon is about working to solidify your long term goals and vision. It’s about seizing the day to get a lot accomplished. It’s about getting the job done on a highly productive note. Save your emotional nature for another day. Your Thursday is about focus, determination, and efficiency. You will be surprised how much you will be able to get done as the Moon trines Uranus at 10˚ Taurus, which is the most positive aspect she makes today. Earth signs are all about being grounded and productive. The Capricorn Moon will also Square Quiron at 7˚ Aries, asking you to pay attention to your physical body, sleep, and rhythm.

This week’s 🌜 Lunar Planner was written by Sandra Nicolaysen. To contact her, please write to or visit

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