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New Moon/Solar Eclipse 21º Libra Oct 14, 2023


〰️ Building bridges & unification 〰️

Whether it is the Israelis against Hamas, Russia against Ukraine, China against Taiwan, Republicans against Democrats, vaxxed against unvaxxed, woke against unwoke, or me/us against you/them, we are dealing with escalating polarization that ultimately results in violence and harm to both sides. Astrologically, this correlates to Pluto, which has been squaring the Moon’s nodes in Libra/Aries for a while now, and Mars, the warrior, now ruling the north node, on the south node, squaring Pluto this last weekend. The upcoming solar eclipses on this same nodal axis will continue to pressure us personally and collectively to either find ways to communicate, compromise, and listen to each other or suffer the consequences of projecting our shadow onto the other and seeking to vanquish it through violent means.

The New Moon/Solar Eclipse on Saturday allows us to sow new seeds and set new intentions that leave behind old patterns of relating to the other as an enemy or obstacle to getting our needs met and fulfilling our desires. Viewing each other as coworkers and team members who can help us achieve our goals through listening, understanding, and negotiating can lead to us hammering out new contracts and agreements that help balance our relationships and distribute power evenly.

It is very important that we consciously recognize this need and take steps to alleviate any imbalances as the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Taurus will oppose the Sun/Mars/Mercury conjunction in Scorpio on the 28th. The Moon, on her own north node, becomes the dominant force that will bring up all the dangerous subconscious, irrational fears and emotions that have fed past imbalances and that can further tip the scales toward antagonism, leading to disaster. These eclipses set the tone for the coming six months, the soul intention being to break free from past codependent relationships by healing the wound of Aries/Taurus. Chiron in Aries conjunct the north node, and both Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus urge us to take full responsibility for the lives we have created and show us the need for developing joy, peace, and harmony within ourselves without expecting or demanding that others meet our needs.

It can go either way, but the Pluto square tells us that this is a critical turning point determining whether we spiral down toward further blame and projection or begin building bridges and unification through empathy and cooperation. While we have no control over world events and economies, we can take steps within our own lives that serve to bring balance and clarity by first inwardly listening to our bodies, instincts, emotions, and needs and honoring them. This act of self-love will strengthen us enough to risk honest, vulnerable communication with others and create safe space for them to share their needs and feelings with us. The result can be improved relationships where both parties are self-actualized and orbit around their own centers rather than the other’s.

Venus, moving through Virgo this month, is working harmoniously with Jupiter/Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn to strengthen our foundations within ourselves, heal, and integrate. Mercury whips through Scorpio at breakneck speed (only twenty days), urging us to investigate and share our deepest, darkest desires and fears to bring them up into the light of Sagittarius and find new meaning, purpose, and direction. Saturn will finally be stationing direct on November 4 to begin his final sweep to conclude what was begun last March. He’ll be clarifying and finalizing the goals you have set back then between November and next February when he heads into new territory.

In conclusion, this will be a telltale month that will set in motion events for the coming six months that will either serve to empower us as individuals to honor, speak, and compassionately assert ourselves or fail to seize the opportunities presented and passively remain angry victims of “fate.” Astrology helps us observe ourselves and know that life will bring us opportunities to use our solar will forces to set positive intentions with the solar eclipse (Saturday) and that these will be tested with the lunar eclipse (October 28). In this case, forewarned is forearmed. Go for it!

So Much Love,

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