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New Moon/Solar Eclipse at 12º Sagittarius Dec 3, 2021


〰️ Total Solar Eclipse 〰️

This powerful, total solar eclipse occurring as it does on the south node of the Moon, conjunct Mercury, and opposite Black Moon Lilith, will set the tone for not only this lunar month but the next six months until the next eclipse season. Reading the eclipse chart as a natal chart for this month can offer us insights into the energies that will be activated in the weeks and months ahead.

In addition to the new Moon aspects, we can see the Venus/Pluto conjunction, which will continue through much of the month (with Mercury joining them). At the same time, Saturn finishes his year-long square to Uranus, and Mars squares Jupiter before heading off into Sagittarius.

For you personally, the house and aspects of this solar eclipse will point to the area(s) of your life most subject to change and transformation. Coupled with anything occupying the later degrees of cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn), you’ll be able to get a good idea of what’s in store concerning your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health, relationships, employment, finances, and plans. Both individually and collectively, we can see a big emphasis being placed on honest communication, sound judgment, and faith in ourselves, our intuition, and our ability to create an abundant future.

The Sabian symbol for this eclipse is “A widow’s past is brought to light,” with the keynote being “The karma of past actions as it affects opportunities presented by a new cycle.”

As the south node of the Moon is also associated with past karma while a new Moon is the beginning of a new cycle, we see the double signature of our past thoughts, words, and deeds impacting what would otherwise be a fresh new start. It appears that this is a time when unconscious, unspoken, secret, or hidden truths and underlying motivations will be revealed and have an impact on our current and future goals and plans, and relationships.

Put this together with the holiday season, which serves to bring up past family issues and present relationship pressure, the Covid scare and its dampening effect on our spirits, the cost of living increasing daily, unpredictable governmental interventions impacting our private lives, and we have a challenge ahead of us no doubt. Let’s not pretend, fool ourselves, ignore or deny existing 3D reality lest this new cycle starts out like a vacation where you run out of gas before leaving town, and you forget your wallet and phone! The signs of Sagittarius and Capricorn, where the weight of these transits lies, have to do with proper judgment, which is found through reflecting upon the reality of the present circumstances in time and space.

Once again, astrology serves to show us what’s going on and helps us see what to do about it. First and foremost, the south node in Sag and Black Moon Lilith opposing it in Gemini tells us we are not being given the truth openly, and that part of our evolutionary growth through this period involves strengthening our intuition, trusting our “gut,” and “calling a spade a spade,” as the old saying goes. We need to address the elephant in the room within our most intimate relationships, families, businesses, and society. Even the third quarter square of Mars to Jupiter calls us forward to break out of complacency, question “authority,” liberate ourselves from the consensus and challenge the status quo. All this becomes the necessary starting point, so this cycle gets “off on the right foot.”

At the beginning of any new cycle, there is a new impulse, need, or desire seeking manifestation. The very act of being willing to break from the past resulting from trusting our inner promptings will serve to get the creative juices flowing. These will be our best tools to work with the ongoing alchemical transformation signified by Venus transiting through Capricorn and stationing/retrograde conjunct Pluto for virtually the rest of the year. Venus is the planet of love, receptivity, attraction, value, money, and relationship. We can expect these areas of our lives to change radically through the next four months as she “saunters” through Capricorn, reflecting on all the crystalized forms and structures we’ve built around these facets of our lives that are now holding us back.

Venus/Pluto contacts always herald a necessary evolutionary shift in our understanding of love, our ability to love and value ourselves, what we have, and who we are with—knowing that no one can truly love or support us until we first love and support ourselves. 

The transformation we are going through on both a personal and collective level is the process of individuation. As an archetype, Capricorn seeks to both structure and restructure consciousness (and social norms) to accommodate ever-expanding concepts, capacities, ideals, and individuals. It does this by sometimes painfully showing us where existing laws, rules, regulations, judgments, and institutions limit, restrict, stifle, suppress, and inhibit our natural, creative self-expression.

Like a flower growing up through a crack in the concrete, Life may be slowed, distorted, delayed, and even harmed, but creation will never cease to recreate itself in ever more diverse forms that both adapt to and have an impact upon their surroundings. As Venus transits Capricorn, the key to nourishing the flower is soft, slow, steady, continuous, care, concern, patience, and love. We may need to resist our urge(s) to strike out, break free, rebel and revolt, passionately shouting our needs, fears, and desires out to a world seemingly deaf and uncaring. Rather, with maturity (the father of wisdom), objectivity, cool and calm persistence, shepherd “the other” with a blend of warmth, intelligence, and foresight. There will be enough explosive activity without the need for us to feed the fire. 

Instead, as elders who know and feel the needs of future generations (and our inner child), we vigilantly guard and protect their freedom that they may trust, feel secure, relax, and soften, all of which are prerequisites for healthy, balanced, lives.

So Much Love,

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